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By midstream
I am pissed that I didn't think about looking at the thong fitter jobs. Now it's too late. Dayum.
I will be at the bake. I probably won't get there until late Friday, and leave Sunday, but well worth it for the wholesome fun! I think my son will also be with me. He should be posting an intro soon.
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By DeadRatsClacker
Hell mate you have a gift you should use it LOL

Father/son combo at the Bake should be interesting :)
tell him the entrance fee is as many college nubiles as you can pack in the vehicle
looking forward to it man glad you can make it
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By crabtops
Congrats Midstream! Feels good doesn't it?

I've been out of work nine months and finally heard yesterday from a company I interviewed with two months ago. I got a start date and I'm going back to work in two weeks.

Hopefully leaving me enough time to catch some albies before I do.

What a relief!
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By Bad Fish
Right on man! I just got back to work 2 weeks ago after not working since May. Feels good to be working again but I sure do miss fishing every day.
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By Crick Addict
I can't believe I'm congratulating someone for having to do the daily grind again, but cheers. :cool
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By FredA
Congrats man. My company just started laying people off. Not feeling to good about things anymore. Hope the new job works out well for ya.
By Willi

T%he job market is tough. I have several friends and relatives who have been looking for jobs for an extended period of time. Glad I have (hopefully) have that behind me.

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By shunned
if you were on the bones of your ass.. I forgot.

I'm 40 next year and the prospect of having to find another job scares the living shit out of me.
onya, mate.


I really need to go into business for myself one day, mind.
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By edword02
any time i've ever been on umemployment its always worked out for the better.

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