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By BaggerMcGuirk
Tim, were those ribs pork or beef. If they are pork, damn they are big.
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By PastorBen
tim_s wrote:the rest from today






now that’s some righteous grub right there…just sayin’ :cool

Grace and pass the napkin...

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By locogringo
Now that looks good. Love the corn. I have put fresh herbs inside the husk as well. Tarragon is real good.

I was going to smoke beef ribs this weekend, but I ended up messing with my new canoe all weekend. Oh well.
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By flytrap
Don't get me wrong, that pork looks really tasty, but there's something a little mysterious about the corn that I keep going back too.

Nice call on the herbs, tarragon would be nice, so might a little sage.

Must get wood for pit.
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By tim_s
the local corn is so good right now, i stuck with just grey sea salt, pepper & olive oil

but tarragon sounds interesting

grilled corn is light years better than boiled/steamed.....and smoked is that much better than grilled

someday i will smoke a bunch and make a smoked corn chowder.....just not today

the only thing close to smoked is the corn you get from a real lobster bake....and that can be a little overbearing at times

a mix of a little hickory/cherry/apple, olive oil, S&P.....damn good
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By Shufisher
The sweet smell of hickory started wafting through da hood around...
Fire-Time.jpg (2.67 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Heat.jpg (6.23 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Almost 9 pounds of pork butt.
Doctored-Butt.jpg (21.79 KiB) Viewed 543 times
12-Hours.jpg (8.93 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Room for friends.
Dead-Birds.jpg (23.29 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Ice-Cream-Chaser.jpg (12.59 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Rest for 45 minutes, pull apart and serve.
Dinner-Time.jpg (30.16 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Smiles all around.
Smiles.jpg (16.29 KiB) Viewed 543 times
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By crabtops
First try at smoking anything on the grill, bluefish fillets

May have been a little under equipped but they came out pretty damn good.

Brined in a very strong brine of H2O, kosher salt, soy, mirin, molasses, brown sugar, garlic, dried chilis, bay leaves, clove, and pepper corn for 4 hours

Split the fillets long ways and rubbed one with paprika and gram masala, another with mustard and pepper, another with chili garlic sauce, and left the last one plain

In the smoker for around 3 hours. It was hard to keep the temperature low and even so they cooked a little hot and fast. Used a mix of hickory and apple.
1/2 way done

Final product.

All four came out great. The one closest to the heat source was a little over done. My buddy and I ate that one first for dinner with some braised cabbage. I left the chili rubbed fillet with my buddy, after sampling it of coarse. The bride and I had the plain one on bagels with cream cheese, tomato, onions, and capers for breakfast. And I'll turn the mustard and pepper one into pate.
Learned a few lessons the first go round, luckily there are plenty more boofish out there to practice on to perfect the process.
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By Shufisher
locogringo wrote:Shu,
The skin on that chicken is amazing. Did you do anything to it or does it just turn out that way? How long on the smoker for the bird?
Thanks loco! Just rubbed it with a little vegetable oil prior to the rub...4-4.5 hours at 200-225.
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