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By Salmotrutta
Shit- I use white lithium grease on all of mine because it's good for water use. Just a thought I carried over from my raceum car days.
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By Bad Fish
Finally gots me a way to stay dry. Gunna break them in proper tomorrow. Hasta old leaky Patagucci's.

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By Salmotrutta
Sage is fixing my rod for free. Nice young ladies out there.

I got a new scar and ordered a hundred camo hooks for Sulphurs.
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By G_Smolt
Salmotrutta wrote:Sage is fixing my rod for free. Nice young ladies out there.
Nice young ladies, but the repair department fucked up my Z-anus 8110 so bad they had to take it back and fix it AGAIN.

I sent it in because the first stripguide was loose to the point of rolling around the blank and the second was rusting under the wraps...they charged me $50, it took a month, and I got a rod back with NO STRIPPING GUIDES, just 2 big honkin' snake guides in their place.

Didn't know that they had a "casual friday" policy in the repair dept.

Hopefully, it gets back to me by april 25, but I ain't holdin' my breath.

Oh, yeah, back on thread topic...I got a new rod. Winston BII-x 6126. Neener neener.
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By Salmotrutta
I saw the report about the rod on yer blog- sounds sweet.

The repair dept. is fucked. I got t tips for my 4 wt. & broke them both within 2 weeks last year- fishing tiny ass dries.
Got new rod & 2 tips back- within a week I broke one of those tips. Rod went to the closet- the shipping charges alone are bankrupting me.
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By ditchdoc
New Nor-vise. If I can learn all the tricks, maybe I can actually tie a fly in under a half-hour.
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By Bad Fish
Bad Fish wrote:Finally gots me a way to stay dry. Gunna break them in proper tomorrow. Hasta old leaky Patagucci's.

Trip report for those that are thinking about getting these waders.

Very, very comfy. Like wearing your favorite pair of broken in jeans. So easy on and off. Pockets are nice and deep too with plenty of room for small fly boxes, handroll, maybe even a beer.

Couple things I noticed that are kinda a PITA. The pocket zipper tabs are way too small and need some type of tag to grab when zipping/unzipping. No biggie, some small braided type rope should do the trick. Also, you can't unzip the fly without undoing the belt and waistband snaps. Again, no biggie and still much easier to take a leak than traditional chest-high waders. The fly zipper tab is much larger and easier to grab than the pocket zippers but could probably use a tab as well.
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By blumpkin
10'6" beulah 7/8 switch, nautilus CCF10, that is all.
switch-grip-large.jpg (8.7 KiB) Viewed 1066 times
nautilus.jpg (9.35 KiB) Viewed 1066 times
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By Ramcatt
blumpkin wrote:10'6" beulah 7/8 switch, nautilus CCF10, that is all.
.... and you get to use it in 2weeks

fucker :coffee
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By BaggerMcGuirk
And I got a new bill from the IRS,
fuckers said I didn't pay enough.
Anybody got any spare change?
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By burgerthumb
...this is what I covet. Made the mistake of casting it at the store. I can actually envision paying the 7 bills for it, something I never considered before.

Fuck. Some day.
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werd has it the local shop will be carrying those in the early spring . thats almost a house payment :coffee
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