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By Crick Addict
I thought you had to run up and down the beach to catch a rooster. :coffee

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By Spicytuna
Unreal, Thank you for taking us along that sweet ass ride!!! :bow :bow :bow :bow
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By steelrain202
this is awesome
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By unskunkable
That rocks! I'm supposed to head to Rancho Leonero in late June to chase Roosters. You're report makes me wish I was there now.
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By woolly bugger
very nice! quality +

too bad that Sol sux so bad
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By Pancho Rancho
That's quality. Have had a few beach days with Hornitos myownself.
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By befuddled
fuck me running backwards. Soul warming indeed.

baja. it even sounds cool
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By NeedmoreDEET
That was great!
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By Hogleg
Glad you boys enjoyed it. We could tear it up down there with a Baja Bake in May or June. I met some good dudes/guides who have a lodge and the right attitude to accomodate a bunch of miscreants like us.

Crick- I definitely did some running and casting. Total fuckshow, glad nobody had a video cam on me.

Unskunk- Rancho Leonero is top notch, I had New Years eve dinner there about 5 years ago. Excellent grub and in June you'll probably have Roosters right outside your door. Shoot me a pm if you want some beta on the DIY gig from the beach, I gained some good info on this trip regarding access, hot spots and such.

Bearsfan- No Baja stink on the 8wt, I stuck to the 10 mostly but did throw it a bunch, sweet rod, thank you. Did you see the pic of my wife 'working your rod'? She says it's her favorite 8wt.
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By blumpkin
astounding reportage of a place I inhabit regularly in my dreams...
shoot me the DIY info... :cool

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