kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By Ginseng Sullivan
Chuff's post reminded me i haven't posted any fly stuff recently. this should keep you busy for a little while. other synthetics can be tied the same way for different profiles and representations of salt baitfish.this one immitates the GL emerald shiner a seriously important baitfish for our inland oceans. well at long last i have completed my new state of the art studio and can finaly get some tutorials done. i have found this pattern to be pretty damn fishy and caught my best river bass to date with one tied with dumbell eyes. i find the unwieghted one fished on a sink tip has some very erratic action if given short, sharp strips as well. it's really a pretty simple fly but takes some time to get them right. pay special attention to which side should be longer when tying in the sections. i have played with this a bunch and i'm convinced this is the way to go. colors are up to you but i feel this one represented the emerald shiner very well. some smelt colors will have to be worked out before spring too. if a wider profiled fly is desired you just do more sections along the shank. two seems to be about right for our average 2.5" minnows.HOOK- DAIICHI 2450 #2-8n THREAD- WHITE 6/0n WING SECTION 1- LT OLIVE DNA HOLOFUSION OVERWHITE DNA HOLOFUSIOWING SECTION 2- SMOKE DNA FROSTY FISH FIBER OVER WHITE DNA FROSTY FISH FIBER FIBERn EYES- 3-D PEARL STICK ON EPOXIED ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
By Darth Wader
Holy Schnikes! Those are the most beautiful tying pics I've ever seen. Damn, GS.Thank you.
By Highsticken
Nice. Pappy like.
By chuffer
Nice tutorial Ginseng. Strong work.
By Fishpaw
Very nice and a great offering. The stateoftheartflytyingphotojournaliststudio is truly state of the art. But I do wonder if there is a way to incorporate a spinner or something into that?
By mercurial
Amazingly clear. I think they have burned onto my retinas.
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By ischua
Ive tied nicks pattern in a 12 (1 1/2in long) works well fished along the seam in fast water for trout
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By ToothyCritter
Hey, I think, I seen this on FAOL!!! it's been a while since the toothy one has been in here....Sites still slow huh???...loln Awesome Tut's no matter where you post them...!! :(
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