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By Bruiser
[quote="Willi"]You guys sellin' somethin"?


Actually I have a TFO TICR 9'5wt 4pc with a nice heavy duty home made pvc tube. I looked on the net though and they're really not worth much. Make me an offer.

That youtube thing sounds like a good deal though.

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By Trucha Del Mar
Does Upsetter know that Scratch Perry stole his nickname? He's gonna be pissed - Like threatenin'-his-ditch-access pissed.

Let's get this back on track...

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By Sakonnet

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By TX.
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By jhnnythndr
Everytime CE posts I go through a natural-ites phase. Is this not one of the best ever?

Still trying to work the video I shot with my cell phone of The Bare Roots the other night to a point where the audio is clean enough to post.
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By jhnnythndr
[quote="Lando"]I am selling youtube. Here is a taste of what you could get if you bought youtube from me.

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By jhnnythndr
this un is the trufe

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By Trucha Del Mar

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By davesnothere
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