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By ToothyCritter
unscathed from what...I did not say anything that no one else had not had run through their minds....As a Native son to this land...My thoughts on this run much deeper than you'd ever want to see posted here or otherwise!!!!
By Spooled
I know TC, I congradulate you on your willingness to speak out no matter the ridicule you may recieve from the others. There is far too much PC in this world and I am glad to see one who doesn't care.
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by Spooled:n I can't believe that statement has been posted this long without comment from the Wookie.
What am I, your PC bogeyman? I'm supposed to do the appropriate dance according to some mental classification you've assigned me because I don't share your political ideology? Shove it.
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By ToothyCritter
I am not at all political.....nor do I give a flying fuck of most things as pertains to government....They have and will continue to fuck the whole world till the end of time..To keep up with such shit would only bring stress to my stress less existence...
By Spooled
No Wookie. I don't expect a song and dance. I like your arguments because it makes me think. Even though we don't see eye to eye, the evidence you submit is helpful in avoiding ignorance to the whole.

<small>[ May 22, 2006, 12:28 AM: Message edited by: Spooled ]</small>
By Brookwookie
Well cool then. I can't be PC. It would get in the way of my campaign of genocide against stupid douchebags. I'd make them wear flair but they're impossible to identify by skin color or religious affiliation.
By Honyuk96
Oh the damage. Fiskars x27 runs deep. Bump
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By The Po Thead
Why were you trimming your toenails with Fiskars?!?!
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By austrotard
the very first thing I was told when handling an axe was placing the timber log across your feet. I still do that.
ha ha... whenever we get to a weekend cottage it's the first thing I'll do.
not necessarily because we need the wood... I just like watching all the other husbands have a go after I'm finished.

spoiler: not many men can handle an axe.

I still have a soft spot for hatchets, mind... they're well fucking handy and I've never missed. never once. :coffee
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