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By thalweg
Solid frontside smith there D, and pancho... I don't know what to say other than keep on truckin.
I am enjoying this thread very much. I wish my old shots weren't a thousand miles away at my moms.
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By Randall Dee
The past few years I've been slowly sending some slides in for conversion.

I got into backpacking when I was in high school. Me and some buddies used to go whenever we could. We really got into the winter snow camping trips. Our beer of choice was the Bull...Schlitz Bull. Note the 1 quart bottles we're each holding. I remember this particular trip. Cold as hell with the lake frozen solid but no snow. I'm guessing this one is circa 1978..


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By Pancho Rancho
Please don't tell me that's an ax handle I see sticking up. And a lantern. Awesome. We used to hump some crazy stuff...anybody remember skatchets?

Good stuff.

and now I give eph shit about his ass I am...I'm going to dodge him as best I can next week..he has more reasons than one to want to kick my ass
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By Randall Dee
Yeah, the axe was my buddy's and I used to pack a Sven collapsible bow saw. The kerosene lantern was mine as well. I laugh when I look at that stuff now because I'm all ultra light.
Schlitz quarts !!! Fucking classic. They got it done very quick !!!
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By CarelessEthiopian
^^^ That's a cool shot.

Looks like something from an old LL Bean catalog. Or a sex offenders registry.
Looks like something from an old LL Bean catalog. Or a sex offenders registry.
Was that an either or?
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By tailchaser


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By fatman
nice. that dog's hoping for scraps... :wink
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