kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By blumpkin
Fuck man I miss you guys,
I drove 1,400 miles in a 1996 Nissan 200 SX with 184,000 miles on it to North Dakota
with swap flys in a garbage bag in the front seat. I will be shipping tomorrow and
I appreciate the patience you all have extended me.

My life has fallen into place and I thank Dog and you guys for that.
So rock on...

Special thanks to SOBF, SLSS, JoshO and Bearsfan for being brothers from another Mother.

shwag from Scenic Sports in Williston, ND on the way,
I work 116 hours a week but I think about you guys all the time. :cool
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By BearsFan
I doubt I have worked 116 hours in the past month... Fuck!
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By blumpkin
We wake up, drive to the well site,
do our job, hang out, drive home
before you know it you have 16hrs on the books for the day.
some days we get stuck in the mud and thing go longer.

Mostly I think about hookers and Tarpon fishing.
By JoshO
116 hrs?? F'k that! I supposed the two weeks off make up for it... I'll quit bitching about my 60 hr weeks now.

Best of luck to you brother. You've worked hard and you deserve the success that comes with it.

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By BearsFan
blumpkin wrote:Mostly I think about hookers and Tarpon fishing.
That sounds about right.
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By BearsFan
I saw a school of big ass jacks yesterday and realized I didn't have any flies for them yet.
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By blumpkin
I have not forgotten about you dudes for an instant,
simply need to finish one more 25 hour shift from hell
drive 1,400 miles home with the flys in my 96 Nissan 200SX
that now has 186,000 miles on it
organize the flys and ship them out
after a 12 hour shift in the ghetto strip club... Duh...

Sorry about the huge delay, but you guys still love me
and what self respecting Drake swap finishes in less than 8 months.
Beer coozies for all on the way.

Still Rockin in the Bakken!!!

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How can we NOT love you Blumms? Hang in. :cool
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By BearsFan
I bet those flies will look good with the extra glitter on them...
By thalweg
blumpkin wrote:Mostly I think about hookers and Tarpon fishing.
I can help with the second thing. I sent you a couple of texts but a bird told me you don't have a phone. Pretty sure I saw a hooker at the lazy days last weekend.
By JoshO
Blump, I was thinking about you while partying at Cover Girls this week. I finally make it to Vegas and your off at Man camp.. I told Devin all about you. Oh and Sasha showed me the trick with the two matches and her piercing holes. :Roll Eyes
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