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Indeed. RIP Jerry... :bow :cool
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By tailchaser
I wish I could have lived when this guy was making all of his music...

[report]Here is View from the Vault IV. 80s/90s Dead can be a divisive topic. I dig it. Especially the first sets. You're much better off picking a random show from, say, '77 or '72 than '87 but as long as you're willing to fast forward through chainsaws and motorcycle noises during space, there are some serious gems in the late 80s/early 90s. Case in point, this opening Jack Straw (which is one song I felt benefited with time). Plus how can you not like Bobby's purple, sleeveless hoody. I also dig the tie-dye-wearing fat man at 7:05 dancing in the front row. Grinning from ear to ear. I probably like VFTV IV more than the average person seeing as how I discovered it around the same time I discovered marijuana. None the less, there's something for everyone.

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By Lenny
Divisive indeed. Smoking shows were rare as a white raven in the 90's and the early 80's, obese, heroin Jerry doesnt do much for me either. But, I have some absolute gems from '87-'88. Spring '88 especially.

That said, my favorite is pre-'74 with those China-Riders & PITB in '73 being the heaviest/trippyest. Also, the rare DS>EYES>China Doll. schwing.

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By augustwest

40 years gone, here's to him. :cool[/report]
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By fatman
diggit :smile
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By Aguirre
Dug the Iko.
Haven't been to the asses or bitching room since my return.
Like what you've done with the place.
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