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By Ski4trees
Whats the difference? Twelve miles? Not much of an insult considering its proximity to the greater yellowstone area. im a native of South east idaho bitch! where the fuck are YOU from?
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By Lando
Having lived in Rigby, you should have taken it as one.
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By tailchaser
Ski4trees wrote: Wait.. Why am I getting dawgged for the video? Haha dick heads
because it fucking sucked... pay attention, sport.
By Ski4trees
First off I hate you all and wish you the worst and no one but you. Now I just like talking shit to ya.
And what has tailchaser done thats so fuckin cool? Did you pop out ur moms puss throwing eighty foot loops? get fucked and learn some basic respect. Haha hows that sound assholes?
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By Lando
Buddy, I will type slow so you can understand.

You earn respect.

How would you like it someone came into your house, took a shit on your coffee table, then asked where the beer and bitches were?

That's what you did here. Except you went back to your club house after said shit and told your bukkake buddies the house down the street throws lousy parties.

Fuck off.
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By Adams
ski4trees wrote:
I posted up on the drake and didnt have a very good.response. Haha place

Edited by ski4trees (09/01/12 04:31 PM)
Pretty sure you are the first newb to get dogged here. I'd report these posts to a moderator.
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By Spicytuna
Ooooh look at me I made video, oooh look at me I catch fish, oooh look at me I am so cool

By Ski4trees
report me to a mod.... Are you serious? Haha ok so ur forum is so cool I cant put up a mediocre attempt at a fishing flick. Didnt realize the elite folks here at the drake... I should be in awe at ur ginger porn stash and fish pictures while sitting silent. Whats a sucka gotta do to get the heat off his back...
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By tailchaser
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