kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By Hogleg
CarelessEthiopian wrote:I have all of the flies. I was too busy last week to mail them out. I hope to do so by this coming Thursday. Any further delays are my fault.

relates: Hogleg helped me out of a jam the other day. Saved my ass big time. Also, I got to see him in his scrubs!
Let your imaginations run wild...
[report]Small Floaty Swap is complete! Packages went out today.

Here is what you're getting. Consider these pics your toe tags.








Various and sundry church keys

RFA also sent me this gem. Thanks buddy!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Sorry it took so long.

So what's next for the neverending rotating swap?[/report]
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hahaha - I thought I threw that fly out......I guess I was concerned with getting the point into the trash so no one would step on it, and it snuck in somehow. I think it's perfectly useable.
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OK, I guess since I fucked the last swap up, I will host the next I feel the pain. Here is what I porpoise:

Large Foam Shit with Legs and Whatnot Swap


10 Tyers, 2 flies per entrant (18 Total)
Nothing smaller than sz 12
Flies must be mainly compromised of foam, and have silli legs, googly eyes, or other non natural components.

The best tied fly sent (in my estimation) will get a prize, and by prize, I mean something good. Not a rod or reel good, but something you will like.

To be included with your flies: a sticker not related to fly fishing, but a good one, funny/interesting/unique/etc.

Large Foam Shit with Legs and Whatnot Swap

1. RectalFreeAgent
2. AirflossSqueezeFrankOcean
3. BastingGayness
4. Orgee
6. Blogpeg
7. Upstatefag25
8. Beverage Ho
9. Frumundazen
10. Penis in my Bumkin
11. Fagpoo

Due date: May 15th, 2013, right before hopper season.

PM Me for Address info.
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By befuddled
not a fucking chance I'm getting anywhere near this, but I would love to see a pic of the ants...I love ants
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By Hogleg
I have honestly never tied the type of fly which you porpoise despite the fact that I fish them all the time. If you can't fill all the slots I'll try and hack something together. I don't want to see this swap die.
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By Lurgee
Got home from a week on the road and found the small floaties. Good specimens they are.

As for the next chapter in the swap sign me up. Although I'd encourage you to up the deadline or else we won't get to fish them till 2014's terrestial season.
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Lurgee wrote: Although I'd encourage you to up the deadline or else we won't get to fish them till 2014's terrestial season.
Oh, you not fishing in 2014?

I'm in if I can crash the party.
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By Woolybug25
I am contemplating it, but I have Fatty Streamers to tie and a dozen flies for Lando to tie. That might take me all year.

So I am a tentative.

A tentative "maybe"..
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