kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
Chasing Natives wrote:it would be my first swap but im in for the stickers.
(emphasis added)

You're a flaky little dready aren't you. I believe your statement quoted above fully commits you to this swap. You really gonna back out of this? You've kind of been on probationary status since day one. Blowing this off will not help.


if you post that video from your first intro of you "casting" and "fighting" a fish, you can do whatever the fuck you want. That shit was hilarious.
i understand. yes.

i shall not dissapoint you

i watch this video just now. brings back the memory. mostly i notice how much it sucked fishing an broken okuma reel that is stuck in right hand retrieve. the worst part, is i used that reel last week.

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By Yard Sale
Good call CE.

Why is the dude with the net so afraid of the fish?
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By fallen513
Clearly netboy's been smokin' the deemsters.
What is the term, "I long lined the run for 10 minutes" mean exactly?

Do you need a bobber to lone line?

On another note, this is the comment that committed me to this swap.
I am contemplating it, but I have Fatty Streamers to tie and a dozen flies for Lando to tie. That might take me all year.

So I am a tentative.

A tentative "maybe"..
So I am pretty sure that under Bwian's rules, if you post in this thread you are officially in his swap. I've also heard, from a good source, that because of a certain 140 pounds of dreads... he will be moving the deadline up to May 15th soon. You have all been warned.
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By blumpkin
Ok... This is how this works... You guys tie cool ass shit, post pics
Then I get motivated to tie flys. I just got traded from my 2 on 2 off crew
To a 2 on one off prison colony based out of one of the biggest man camp / supermax
prisons in North Dakota. No more girlfriends, no more bars.

So fucking humor me.
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By blumpkin
Ok, those look great, normally I like a bigger barb on my hook, or three barbed hooks per fly tie.

But it is a jumping off point.
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