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By blumpkin
The most impressive thing I caught today was a buzz and a dink on a string leech.
Good to see you guys getting out.

String leech is my new thing, looks so good in the water.
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Blummers, I have some of those skwala bodies that someone in Scott P's post is holding up. Get ahold of me before Friday and I will get them out to you like now.
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By blumpkin




As of crack of Ass Thursday, I am going to be based out of Cleveland with a Ford Focus rental car with unlimited mileage.

Seven day rental.

You head West, I head East, we could make it work.

We will run up a tab on Lurgee in Buffalo.

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By blumpkin
If we both head West, it is too much like "Brokeback Mountain".

It is very difficult to meet strange men from the internet, share a hotel room,
brave Sharks in the surf... And then just move on.

And yet, somehow we prevail.
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By blumpkin
I am crushed that you are un familiar with my story.

I have 2 boats, 1 trailer and Veterans affairs issues that limit me
from having that trailer registered.

So I was probably wading, while you were obsessed with me floating.

On a positive note, I have a clean CDL with Haz Mat and Tanker endorsements.

So I can haul Nuclear waste... and such.
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this disturbs me for I am leaving on week long cruise with the family on sunday @ 0100 off to the aero..
squashed again. (which is why I wanted to send those bodies out to you). there will be no fishing on this trip.
fishing...that is my own thing to be done on my own time. I have taken to drinking triple vodka martinis out of a solo cup, sitting on a bench across the road at the lake to watch the sun go down . every evening now. the snow geese are here. it is amazing the amount of shit they produce.

still pm me your address and I will get this out today as I am off. today I will tye a few dozen 1/2 back pmds for the oddesy forthcoming.
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after that it on to something like this:
grass hopper.png
grass hopper.png (242.22 KiB) Viewed 683 times
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By blumpkin
Ha ha... The fishless cruise. I remember you mentioning it actually.

All good man, I may need you to organize my bail money upon your return.
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so I went to Galveston to spend my 20th wedding anniversary on a weeklong non fishing cruise to Belize, next to the American west , our favorite place. However as fate would have it , an oil spill shut the place down and the captain opted not to sail. okay , lets make the best of it. we ate well, saw some sights, passed out in the sun and drank. re-arranged flight plans to return to the cold.
Although the spill was all over the news , locals apparently did not want it publicized because of spring break etc. odd. living on the coast I would have thought peeps would have been all over the environment, get it clean, the $ can wait..not in this section of the country. Enjoy the pics from our balcony , that is an oil rig ,I guess.
2014 galveston 022.JPG
2014 galveston 022.JPG (212.93 KiB) Viewed 956 times
2014 galveston 019.JPG
2014 galveston 019.JPG (336.57 KiB) Viewed 956 times
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