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By austrotard
it ain't no bandito.

for those who don't know...

el fagdito was invented to support the swoffers in nc and shit.

it was created by r. bobby and was dedicated to ryan. it didn't last very long as a sanctuary away from fucktards and eventually anyone who visited bandildo came back to the drake.

well, some did. some just fucked off into their own locals and obscurity.

some of us discussed this and decided that though the suk was live time and fucktardless it was only a matter of time before it killed its mothership.

think about moldy chum.

another escape that's gone to shit.

do you like it here?

is it really too much to load those pictures to the server? really?

has it become drakian to basically twitter a tr now?


or don't.

these ads are the life support now.

until it all goes to shit because we didn't want to load a photo or write more than two lol sentences.

I also heard some former soft 'drakians' got runnoft off by a trolling scumcunt.

and I couldn't believe that was offered as an excuse.

I've told you this before, fuckos.

if you're so smart, smarten the fuck up.
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By yard4sale
This place needs a good dose of Ed Call.

Or not.....

Assimilate into mediocrity.

Speaking of whgich, don't you have a TR to post? I heard you went fishingsnagging recently.
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By D-nymph
yard4sale wrote:

Speaking of whgich, don't you have a TR to post? I heard you went fishingsnagging recently.

It's already up on Bandito. "You Have Arrived"
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By yard4sale
D-nymph wrote:
yard4sale wrote:

Speaking of whgich, don't you have a TR to post? I heard you went fishingsnagging recently.

It's already up on Bandito. "You Have Arrived"

I was more of a buster wants to fish guy than a bandito guy.
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By brownsville
mea culpa

I owe a TR from mexico from back in june

problem is I can't even look at my pictures, never mind talk to the former friend [the whinging little monoglot twat] who insisted his camera was used for most of the journey, without wanting to visit him and punch his fucking lights out

aside from that I'm a lazy cunt who's barely fished this year
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I just think the sport, passion, hobby, whatverthefuckyouzecallit....has jumped the shark. A TR a few years back of some cool place I'd never been to along with some truly witty and twisted banter was what drew me here.

But now not only is no place secret or low key, the social media webs and the fuckall attention span means I feel like I've seen it all before. Trout-done and done again, very,very few places a TR would perk my interest as something fresh, let's say. Steel? Fucking overkill, literally and figuratively. Salt? All the guys with attitudes and salt stuff are mostly gone (hold on, let me check, watch this [hands around mouth, yelling at the top of my voice: WOLVES!!!! there? Hello? tap,tap..])....nothing like a Vitamin D/sunlight deficiency in seppovian winter and some salty attitude banter. Alaska? Salmon eating crayola crayons and rainbows with cleft palates...Bass? Pretty flies,but they'll eat a wine cork with a hook in it fyi...

And the only things left are the priciest, privatized places: Atlantic water, Iceland, or say, Kamchatka. And even now, there are look at me fishing video TR's all over the place....chasing the dream broheem...trustfund stylie.

Did I mention that this place is also become mostly a my rod is longer than yours swingy fishing site? But hey, buy a Reddington "Chromer"

The game has changed with social media overload...."if" I find a place left on earth truly cool to fish and fucking way I'd post it here or anywhere....we're overcooked.

Remove the Overeaters Anonymous bake from the front page and the place would have boards on the windows.

Solution? Go fishing...with no camera or phone, and just bloody well enjoy it. Sorry teh suk....
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By yard4sale
Totally agree VTNZ. BUT, that is what makes teh suk TRs different. Ours are more about the journey than the fishing. Shots of the drive, random road sights, a truck full of gear, cop lights in the mirror. What did you eat? What did you jrink? Where did you camp? Sure, some fish pics are nice but they really aren't the point. 90% of the reports on other sites are fish pics and technical details. Fucking yawn! Even most videos are fast forward drive, some casting, lots of fish pics. Oh, and now overhead drone flybys.

I struggle to take enough pics to make a TR. my days on the river are fewer now that I have a kiddo and I make the most of them. When this place got rolling I think many of us were 20/30ish. Now we are 30/40ish and have kids. Busy lives and a "kindler gentler" attitude makes teh suk fukn suck!

That said making a good tr is a great challenge. Maybe now more than ever. Art has been around as long as mankind and there is still new takes every year. Some of the TRs this year are as good as any time. Just ask Neil. Embrace the challenge and show us something new.
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