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By austrotard
mitch: so I'm going to have to take it easy. minimum risks. I didn't get any insurance.

fatman: what? no health insurance??

mitch: nope. not unless it's included in my credit card or car insurances.

fatman: wow.

mitch: so I need you to remember two things in case of an accident...

fatman: what's that?

mitch: empty my pockets and restore factory settings.
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By austrotard
skully: I don't know which one of you keeps pissing on the toilet seat but you need to rehydrate. seriously.
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By pbrstreetgang
skully: "Hey man, you're in my bed."

pxatim: "What?"

skully: "You're in my bed."

pxa: "No I'm not, yours is back there."

skully: "Oh" (walks to the center of the cabin car and stops at the garbage can, staring out the window)

me: "Chris, you alright?"

skully: "What? Yeah..."

me: "Then go to fucking bed"


also heard in same cabin about 4 hours earlier...

lurker: "This place sure is rapey. Look at these bunks with the rapey white plastic on them"
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By austrotard
mitch: I've never seen so many fucking ads stating what could possibly be wrong with you... the 'you know what your problem is?' campaign.

fatman: yeah. it's a mess.

mitch: and now wait a fucking second here... I've just had a reveerla... revers... revolatio... an idea. how many of you lot are on medication?

skully: I'm not.

mitch: holy fuck. there's like nine of us here and the only two that aren't rattling are chris and I? that's fucked up.

hpff: there's only five of us.

mitch: and on that note I'm off to bedfordshire, mates.
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By austrotard
hpff: y'all look like two monkeys trying to fuck a football.

peebs: hmphahahaha! [/milk nose!]

fatman: geez. I'd thought everyone'd heard that one before.

peebs: whooooo. not me... fuck me, that's funny.

mitch: damn tootin'.
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By austrotard
fatman: no fish?

mitch: suuuummmmmmbitch!

fatman: ha ha. you do that quite well.

mitch: gerry taught me. listen to this... "peay-per, cuuuume!"

fatman: oh man, that's awesome.

mitch: yeah. I've been practising since last year.
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By austrotard
skully: mitch.

mitch: yeah?

skully: shoes, buddy.

mitch: I know. they're awesome. korean, believe it or not.

skully: great. take them off. no shoes in the house.

mitch: really?

skully. really. and don't let the cat out.

mitch: what? do you mean that cat in garden?

skully: aw, feck.

peebs: I'll take care of your shoes, mate. [/fucked straight into bin]
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By austrotard
mitch: I need a favour, mate.

skully: what's that?

mitch: I want you to order three pizzas and one hundred wings and I'm going to pay for it.

skully: what do you want?

mitch: I want a pepperoni pizza.

skully: okay. but one thing you must know... there's no pig in my house.

mitch: if you say so, mate. I didn't see one...

skully: no, mate. we don't eat pork. no pig in the house.

mitch: I don't understand.

skully: there's pig in pepperoni...

mitch: and?

skully: I won't eat it.

mitch: we'll start again. I want a pepperoni pizza and one hundred wings. what do you want?

skully: what do you mean?

mitch: order yourself a pizza. fuck those guys. looking at them they'll probably order a pigmeat feastfest so you order whatever your heart desires... my treat, mate.

skully: I'll just have cheese.

mitch: adventurous. we'll see if we can keep you out of baskin robbins, hey.
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I've coffee running out of my nose on that one
and it hurts.
Austrian . ouch.
Lurgee - "Justin's Hammered Again"

Hogleg "I have TDC"
redchaser "what's TDC"
Hogleg "Too drunk to cast"

Lurgee - "It's time for an uncomfortably long awkward hug"
redchaser "uggh"

Fatman - "I'm glad we're fishing 3 in the boat tomorrow, being on the front of that boat all day is tiring"
redchaser (who had been on the push pole all day) - "awww, that's cute"
Fatman - "I guess I put my foot in that one didn't I?"
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By pbrstreetgang
fucking fatman...always cognizant

one I forgot from pre-Rustbake

Mitch: Hey mate, is this stretch of highway safe, ya know, if I want to roll?

Me: Um, yeah, sure. Safe as any other stretch of highway I guess. Never been here, but I'd say yeah.

(Mitch gets to work...a few plus minutes go by)

Me: Um...SHIT. So guess what just passed us??? A fucking cruiser dressed up like an SUV. FUCK ME...holy shit.

Mitch: How does one miss a big black police truck like that speeding up to you on the highway?

Me: They didn't have rollers on top...
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