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By canook
fallen513 wrote: I'd like to see what you fish for.
SOBF wrote: He doesn't fish....
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By canook
It's not a tr, dumbass. It's just a few photos to show that you don't know what you're talking about - yet again.
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By fallen513
Good lookin' fish man. I'm gonna leave it at that.

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By austrotard
fuck that.

all that shows is someone has had some excellent fishing but decided to keep it to himself.
then he decided the best things he has to offer is political (if you want to call it that) fucking nonsense.

here's the brayshaw canuckistani formula:

take an american policy.
state the pole opposite.
google someone whom supports your opinion. protip: you'll fucking find somecunt.

it's tricky and not just anyone can do it.

again, make with the mates.
any cunt can whine and catch fish.
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By austrotard
I am not fucking watching that.
honestly... I don't know why you bother.
austrotard wrote:
google someone whom supports your opinion. protip: you'll fucking find somecunt.

you two should meet and box.
I'll pay the winner's fare.

so go on.
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By Upsetter
honestly... I don't know why you bother.
edumucation. 500+ views cant all be you and canuk

ill be back upstairs shortly i think. g&g is working on the auto resize thing. i have lots to love to give, its just too big, doesnt fit.
ChaseChrome wrote:Some here could stand to eat a fucking book every so often ffs...
getting biblical with our nonsensical, yet clearly denigrating, metaphors now, are we?
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By austrotard
time to man up.

man upstairs perhaps.
cheers, mate.

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