In a recent interview with NBC News set to air Monday night, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush described Donald Trump's campaign as an "alternative universe" that will leave Trump's supporters feeling "betrayed."

"The tragedy of this, though, is that there isn't going to be a wall built. And Mexico's not going to pay for it. And there's not going to be a ban on Muslims," Bush told NBC News in a clip released Monday afternoon. "This is all like a alternative universe that he created."

"The reality is, that's not going to happen. And people are going to be deeply frustrated and the divides will grow in our country," he continued. "And this extraordinary country, still the greatest country on the face of the earth, will continue to stagger instead of soar. And that's the heartbreaking part of this, is I think people are really going to feel betrayed."

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Golly, I sure must have been crazy for years now when I told y'all the Right occupies an alternate reality...

(side note- the S&P 500 hit an all time high today)
So when he gets elected he will just laugh about the wall.
Like Obama laughed about "shovel ready jobs".

Obama also promised to close Guantanamo and end the wars and such.
We just committed 8,000 troops this week to those wars.

It's Obama's fault that we need a wall.
It's Obama's fault...
It's Obama's fault...
It's Obama's fault...

Get used to that phrase.
I'm voting for Monty Brewster.
austrotard wrote:punky brewster.

BigTimber wrote:
austrotard wrote:punky brewster.

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