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By MTgrayling
austrotard wrote:'jesus fucking christ those glasses are filthy... I gotta tell you, I'm pretty embarrassed to be with you right now.'
The world appears more accurate through a haze of human scum.

Hey, good thing my truck is spotless. :wink

Dammit man, I know there's still a decent Caesar salad in America...
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By austrotard
'fair enough, it's a rubbish coon as you say but let's not pretend like you lot wouldn't get all fucking collited if you saw a dead roo.'

"what the fuck did he just say?"

"'fuck... yeah... I uhh... I don't know, man."'

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By Redchaser
"Want me to scrub your back....with my belly?"
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By austrotard
with regard to fishing with others...

'look, I understand that there cannot be something wrong with all these people and the problem must be me. but you have to understand... I just don't give a fuck.'
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By BigTimber
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By cornholio
" Yeah, I’ve worked with some Mexicans. Nice folks, the lot of them. Just don’t let those little bastards borrow your tools, hey. You’ll never get them back."
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By fatman

so there was this large, African-American waitress, wearing construction boots.

she took off her clothes and proceeded to smash Oly cans with her butt cheeks...
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By BigTimber
let's play a game. Guess what's in Mike's pockets.

did he just pull a grinder out of his truck?
who brings a grinder to a bake?
Mike does.
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