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By MTgrayling
I can wrestle a yearling for you, catch and release was a friday evening in Gardiner.
Ticks and kicks.

Now mind, I still hate the idea of other people with my stuff, but knowing those rods they broke within a week on those bastards. There must be bad mojo fishing others stuff, and water?
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By root wad
MTgrayling wrote:Had a mob of elks and a few eagles over for coffee this morning...

Tradeoffs. Priorities. :cool
One more try. Check this out. ... st-stream/
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By root wad
Think I fixed it. I am a real tech whiz.
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By MTgrayling
That was cool. I know those cats are nationwide but that is the only place I've seen them and found dens with kittens. Saw tracks today in fact.

The charr run is on Bill...
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By MTgrayling
As per fed-ex I have 3 packages on the way from whorvis?

I think they be reading this crap.

If so, there ain't no trout bums wearing "trout bum" clothing...

And happy festivus everyone!
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