kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By Nevs
I told myself I wouldnt... but if there is an open spot, in?

I'd like to think I didn't super shit the bed in the carp swap a while back...
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By Woolybug25
D-nymph wrote:
pbrstreetgang wrote:daaaaaaamn D-nymph!
Franzen is the man, I like him at least 10 times more than you.
Peebs likes people 0%. So it's impossible to like someone 10x more. Because 0 x 10 = like 13 or some shit.
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By Deadwestern
ChaseChrome bring your A-game, Freddie ties a kick-ass, small-jaw fly...

The only fly from theses swaps I have that has never been wet. Pussy am I. :cool
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By gankadank
"Don't talk the 13th" :gun

You've got some tiers. You're crewed up and full

I'm still fishing '16 swap flies. Caught and lost with SOBF and Dwestern's ties. I still have yours WB25 and caught a sprat on it

Pro tip? Get Stovetop to be your ace in the whole as an alternate

It's gonna be fun to watch what y'all craft and exchange

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By pxatim
pxatim wrote:2017 Swap is open

fleyes with tags and postage to me by March 31


1. pxatim
2. pbr
3. deadwestern
4. 421sd
5. needmoredeet
6. yard4sale
7. snuffbox
8. woolybug25
9. fredA
10. flychucker
11. franzen
12. ironman
13. Streamer
14. CC
15. Nevs
16. Gank

We're full.
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By Waderfunk
Possible patterns. Could do some simple double barrell popper stuff as well.
image.jpeg (1.44 MiB) Viewed 528 times
Or yes?
image.jpeg (1.6 MiB) Viewed 528 times
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By Woolybug25
Oh... and shall there be an extra involved? Lighter, coozie, mini bottle, etc?
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By Waderfunk
Another option, feather changer popper deal. All open for color requests.
image.jpeg (1.29 MiB) Viewed 492 times
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