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By B.M. Barrelcooker
VTNZ wrote:
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:
BigCliff wrote:Its about letting Trump's fans blame somebody else for their problems


Simple as that.

I'll bet you a buck that you feel smarter , more savvy and generally better than me.

I know VTNZ does .......mostly based on his southerneraphobia or grographaphobia ... see I ain't even sharp enough to distinguish what phobia he gots. Plus phobia may not even be the right suffix as it conveys fear instead of dislike.

Well, thats just a load of shit BM....but hey feel free to try and defend your states "bill" to make it "legal" to drive into the land of the free. That's the kind of bullshit unique to your jurisdiction. I've hosted more folks from the "south" here in NZ than anywhere else....people can be different from their cultural surroundings; though being an assumptive asshole is a quality you seem to have perfected.

I got a problem with many southern states policies and fiscal hypocrisy; some in the north too. Not every person living there...evidently tough for you to grasp the distinction, but I truly doubt you give two shits. :coffee

That was the absolutely perfect response.

I love ya.

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By befuddled
No breakfast burritos this morning. Fuck you trump

Mighty. Mighty. Fine!!!

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Creek Creepin. West Kentucky style.

Well played!

Friday Cheer Through Pics

>= rich man's nz. eat shit.

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