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By root wad
Gotta love Roger Cohen.

"At night in the ghostly White House, when Ivanka and Jared have gone home, and his consiglieri have retired to their Russian salads, the gold-robed president — crazed as Lear on the cliffs “fantastically dressed with wildflowers” — wanders from room to room staring at TV screens, cursing in frustration when he cannot find the remote, hurling abuse at the “enemies of the people” who fail to genuflect daily before his genius, adjusting his hair, making random calls to aides to ensure they have scheduled his next play dates with truckers and coal miners.

It might almost be funny. Almost. But the day will come when the Dow plunges and what the former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan is said to have feared most in politics — “events, dear Boy, events” — occurs, perhaps in ghastly terrorist form, and an incoherent administration will be confronted by its first crisis. All that can be said for now is that, in such a moment, illiberalism and xenophobia in the hands of a would-be autocrat will make for a dangerous brew."
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By austrotard
I wouldn't wish it upon you but, say, if someone wanted to knock over a few skyscrapers with the people in them you lot would be singing the orange julius song with fervour.

perhaps one remembers the death of osama and the dancing in the streets afterwards.

therefore I feel 48% of you lot suffer from feelings of inconvenience.

and I know this because today on the innernet I am a doctor of sycollogy.

got my certificate from a korean fella.

university of adelaide. or manitoba. cannae remember.

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