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By befuddled
fuck me, we've died again?
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By Spicytuna
What about a squatter or transient?

Why do you have to discriminate?
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By TX.
The trolls are what killed this place. The ones who keep getting punched in the face and come back for more.
You know the ones: "I caught my my first 18" brown, but I didn't have a tape or a camera w/ me, but really it was 18". Here's a pic of my sister's boobs, sorry she has a sweater on."

The core still lives, except for the really short guy that moved out west and was a pro the day after he bought his boat.
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By -G-
Almost all my fishing shit got stolen this fall and I have a 8wt Spey and a new reel sitting in by basement ready for weather not to be 6 degrees thanks to this shithole. You’re right it sure is dead.
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