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I like the sexy black bottom, not just your boat's, mind.
The boat is looking good, you look like you are 12...damn I'm getting old.
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By -G-
Redchaser wrote: Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:40 am The boat is looking good, you look like you are 12...damn I'm getting old.
In my defense I’m in zero of the photos. I’d hate to let the 5-0 in about my whereabouts

Thank you all for your comments. Going to do a clear epoxy over the side shelf’s as to not blush the cedar, and plan on doing mohagany gunnels, oar locks, and guide seat. Will paint the inside with bed liner and outside a dark glossy forest green.

At least that’s what my day dreams tell me I’ll do.

Hopefully more soon
Fishwater wrote: Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:59 pm I dig it. That thing should be bullet proof on the bottom.

This reminds me that I need to build another boat.
Oh brother, you’ll be holed up in your garage another 8 years
G's wife is all like "I'm tired of this boat in my garage"

I says "You don't have a garage, he's got a woodshop and you've off street parking."

adjective [ after verb ]

not impressed (= made to feel admiration or respect):

She looked at the boat, but seemed unimpressed (by it).

Synonyms for unimpressed
an amateur boat builder's wife.
Great read and follow.

Can't wait to see the next round
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By -G-
This'll probably be the last post for awhile because there's a a ton of sanding, epoxy flow coats, more sanding, etc to come... in the woodshop*.

When I first started to think about building this boat I thought about taking my old man fishin, floating with the wife, and doing dry fly missions with the buddies. What I didn't think of was how much fun it would be to build and how many good of times I'd be sharing with my friends in the woodshop* building it. My neighbors might not like noise of the sander or bsing near every thursday night and I don't like the way my head feels friday morning but I figure some of my very best memories of this boat will be from when it wasn't even being used yet.


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By -G-
I’ve finished the gunnels finally. All the wood work except for the rope seat is now complete. Off to finish sanding, paint, flooring, and varnishing.

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