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By fishskibum
so the furkid and i headed up for a project healing waters gig last hump day
showed up early and rigged a streamer rod with the teeny xpress
and a slut bobber chrominiod nymph rig
make a couple casts and wtf shits broke a couple inches down from the tip
so they give me a couple ladies j and j one who works for the va and a vet
my dad had left his 6 weight sage in the boat from our dads day outing
so i rig it with a fullsink
were trollin around gettin em pretty good on both rigs
the one lady lives up big cottonwood canyon and has rented her basement to the ski bums i hang with the one the ethiopians kid calls mr toaster and has skied my home mountain for decades i just didnt recognize her outta ski gear
so after a good bakers dozen we break for lunch
the ladies wanna work on casting i suck at teaching and theres a couple vets who got skunked from shore
so i take one out and leave the ladies with casting expertice volis
hes gettin em pretty good as the ranch lakes the peeps who generously allow us access are well stocked
were puttin em in the
slows down a bit so i break out the fullsink and i think we even doubled up
i ussually row with the butt tween my knees and while the lack of strip set costs ya a few them articulated butt monkeys manage to hook enough on their own
well ive never seen a rod leave the boat so fast i think it may of tapped the front deck casting brace
but fuck me it was fast
and i dont think i was much behind it having this happen to me before
well about 10 stokes in i havent gained an inch on it and im watching the white cork stream away and sink into the depths
and reminded i aint swam hard in about 4 years
i shouda stayed in the boat and had the vet try and hook the line
but that hindsight shits always 20 20
i trolled around with the teeny and the heaviest fly i had and those asshole fish wouldn't let the fly sink and dude just kept hooking up
as did i once the vets left and i had an hour to try and rescue it
the old man got access went back monday with a grapling hook device and tried for a few hour but i couldnt get outta work
the ussually give us a voli day out there in the fall so im hopin to dig out the wet suit and snorkle and fins but its a good 20' deep and a few acres
so if ya has a line on a sage sp 3 piece six weight that someones looking to move for a resonable prrice let me know
i need to fix me fuckups
theres one on egay auction comin up tommarrow hopefully i dont jinx that
and i fuckin hate egay
and spending a bunch of money replacing rod that doesnt really fit my dads casting strokes sucks but im kinda particular about my gear
and attachments to it
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By yard4sale
Metal reel? Giant magnets are pretty cheap...
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