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By austrotard
ha ha.
one less team to kick the living shit out of engerland.

swedes are the new germans.
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By CC Riebeeck
austrotard wrote: Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:39 pm

swedes are the new germans.
That’s hockey ShonneyShaun

Best watch the luck of the dumb...Belgium next (they’re like the Newfies of Europe)
By chadroc
i'm rooting for sweeden suddenly since their coach, one mr janne andersson, is such a gentle soft fellow. he states about the german (loser) squad celebrating right up in his men's face:

"If I hadn't responded I would've been emotionally dead," said Andersson in a news conference on Tuesday. "There was taunting and unsportmanslike conduct, it is not permissible."

what a snowflake. pffft. make sweeden great again. come on swedes, get a space force or some shit. toughen the fuck up. but i love me a kind hearted gentleperson (gender neutral) who leads his charges with a feather as opposed to a whip. andersson, whose favorite food is sugar and favorite fictional character is a tie between winne the pooh and eor the donkey, went on to state:

"Some of the German leaders of the team celebrated by running in our direction and rubbing in to our faces by making gestures, and that really got me annoyed and angry," said the Sweden coach, whose team had led 1-0 at half-time.

"There were many people on our bench that were annoyed. We fought it out for 95 minutes, and when the final whistle goes you shake hands and leave. So I was very angry.

"All I am saying is people behaved in ways you don't do. You cheer together, maybe, when you win, and you leave the opponents to feel sad -- you don't react in the way they did, and that's the end of it."

FIFA has opened an investigation into the cruel german players.
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By Average Joe
I stopped by the Old House and spent some time with the Old Man this morning.

When I walked into the family room he was sitting in his recliner, fast asleep.

The television was on, full volume, tuned into a match between France and Argentina.

I sat there with him until he opened his eyes and saw the sack of doughnuts in my hand and said, "Did you bring me lunch?"

It was 8:00 AM.


"Good. Who's playing?"

"The French and the Argentinians."

"They sure run around a lot."


Then he nodded off.

Old Man, now suddenly awake: "Why aren't they wearing helmets?"

Jose: "I don't know."

Old Man: "Well it's goddamn football, for Christ's sake."

Jose: "Yes."

The Old Man nodded off yet again while sounds of elation and despair from the other side of the globe filled the room.

Old Man, now suddenly awake. Startled; agitated; drooling onto his shirt and pointing with a trembling finger at phantoms that only he can see: "What are all of those pigs doing in the kitchen?"

Jose: "I'll take care of them. Go back to sleep."
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By austrotard
swede v swiss tuesday.

but clint eastwood will probably swtice the channel.
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By Average Joe
I will sometimes catch him pointing the phone at the television, or trying to dial the remote.

Might explain those 2:00 AM calls you've been getting.
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