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Well, I waned to go for exotic trip but did not go:-(
Now I am saving for less exotic trip and would sell them.
Both NIB, NEVER on any rod- shame on me!
7+ $540 = $547
9+ $640 = $649

Of course I will provide images if you are interested.
I had to pull out my calculator but I think my math above is correct. Is the $7 and $9 for shipping? What if I buy them together? what is the combined shipping?
I can’t believe how much action is going on in here. Stiff competition. 800 for the plus 9 if you take the listing off all other boards and ship to:

Shawn Mitchell
P. Sherman 42 wallaby way
Sydney, Australia
I do not have any cheecky's! it aint me :-)
Did not post it yet on other sites.
Have no idea how much shipping to Australia is? I am not responsible for taxes , tariffs etc.
Free shipping USA.
Prices I listed are in USD.
PM for payment and contact info. I can take US Money Order, US bakers check or PayPal in USD if sellers cover fees/sale as friend.
Let me know via PM.
-G- wrote: Wed Oct 03, 2018 12:20 pm P. Sherman 42 wallaby way
Sydney, Australia
Topical: I assume they get all their post delivered like this
sgqk1jyH1L-12.png (29.36 KiB) Viewed 1151 times
As everything in straya is animated, like when they break through the acme warehouse wall at the end of who framed roger rabbit.

Tropical: fish are friends, not food.
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strong maybe.

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