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By mitch aka 2 fish
yard4sale wrote: Thu May 23, 2019 9:20 pm
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Thu May 23, 2019 5:21 am if you insist on filling the bathtub with "americans" be prepared to lose all the fucking water, you simple fucking 'merka twats.

never mind the ha ha 'does one even math?' ... can anyone in that fucking country add?

1+1= 3fucking20,000,000+?

you deserve what you get.
your[sic] brainwashed assholes.

show me the math.

look, I'm a bit hit and miss on black matter maths but I fairly certain I can fucking well add and subtract.
go on, explain it to me. explain it to me like you know.
explain it to me like I grew up/became an adult in that country and have a college/uni degree.

I fucking dare you.
do it now. extra points if you're west of montana.

cunts. fuck off with your 'where did it go?' ask your grandfather.

disclaimer: mtice has been drinking. guinness.
So your uninformed and unsolicited advice is to simply do nothing about a resource you care about?

the link is not interested in people's views outside the mighty pakistan.
if you had actually signed it (like a crusading boss) you might have known this, yes?

Or is this your not so naked xenophobic nationalism shining through?

okay. so you have a problem with addition. honestly... it's okay.
we'll work through it.

if you take one right-wing buzzword and find another related buzzword what have you got?
that's right. a witty retort.
now if you take one witty retort and grab some equally witty retorts from your like-minded mates, what have you got?
that's right... fuck all.
just a bunch of people talking incessantly, pretending to be clever and repeating all the buzzwords they've read on the innernet.

Opinions and all....

one day it will all be gone.
hell, it's nearly gone now.

probably why the threat of never taking me fishing again doesn't hold much water... (to which I shall allow you to find exceptionally witty.)

tell me something.
at what point do you realise that your country is severely becoming over populated?
to coin a paki phrase, what's your end game? how does it finish?
when does it finish? never???

and how are you going to pay for it? you've run out of people to war with/loot.

it's rather amazing this blind faith of pakistanis.
imagine being lied to from birth and then lying to yourself your whole fucking life.
and then, one day, it all goes black, that's it.
and what a monumental waste of time that will be. just like the millions before you.
still think you're special? you betcha!

I swear, it's like you're only bred for your vote.
you should really find out what number you are. it might be lucky.

We should get together and fish and talk shit about Mitch.
Mitch talks enough about about Mitch don't you think ?
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By mitch aka 2 fish
mitch lerves the mtice.
now just answer my fucking questions, about about.

I sincerely want one of you highly educated and worldly fuckos to answer my questions.
what time does root get up? he went to university. ask me how I know.

small print: worldly is a little bit past the end of your street, mate.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
drakian history 101 (and written by a winner, what what)

2007- drakians hate the mtice.
2008- a drakian finds austria on a map. now drakians don't hate the mtice so much.
2009-2016- the mtice goes to pakistan many times. parties like a right fucking paki on fire.
9 nov 2016- the day the mtice arrives in san francisco pakistan gets a new prezzy...
chrimbo 2016- some drakians throw toys from their prams. the mtice questions the wee tanties of so-called hardened pakistani men.
2017 to date- drakians hate the mtice again.

2020- drakians hate the mtice for another four years. amidst the riot no one helps the delta. our david laments in the sand surrounded by more starving pakis.
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By stillsteamin
Some of what you're saying is true, some of it's not. But none of it's any reason not to try to do something good.

Edmund Burke knows what goes on.

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