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So a dozen years ago I worked at a set net site and ever since then I decided the way to have my own boat is to use it to catch fish. Since then I've worked in every side of the salmon fishery (except processing) from sport guiding, to management. This spring, realizing my job prospects were not great, and the market was good, and financing was available, I took the plunge.

I traveled to Cordova to look for boats

Cordova is home to one of the original chairlifts in North America

The local watering hole

Digs for a few

a bit of sport fishing


I finally settled on a boat, and got myself a whiskey ginger

The FV Sportsman, a boat 2 years younger than me, but with an updated powerplant and a bunch of great modifications.

Maiden voyage for me

Across the sound to the grounds

I'm a captain

It's like fly fishing, but way more efficient. But when you start looking at the ocean like a river... I was the highliner in the first opener I ever fished. Granted there were like 3 other boats, but still.

First fish. Go buy a salmon in the store sometime, it could be from me

Game on folks!
[quote=ak_powder_monkey post_id=694141 time=1559980773 user_id=3860]

It's like fly fishing, but way more efficient.

Go buy a salmon in the store sometime, it could be from me


you should watermark every fish so we know

and no captain dubious

the art of flinging flys in hopes of an eat and set netting are quite opposite ends of the fishing spectrum and quite disimiliar

but good on ya for makin les smile and gittin after it

YouTube link

kick some ass, Monk :smile

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