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By fishskibum
puts me down for 3 maybe 4 tickets
my lumpy and wormfisher bros are in
jose sold them on the average awsomeness of the luau experiance
im in for the bust caps with the gatlin gat,
pony ride,
bootscutin rodeo stuffs
and yeah i dont think i gots to pole the sluts yet either
and im puttin in for fish n chips night
them greenie kids taught me sums high speed low drag tricks
find my phone yet?
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By fishskibum
i wouldnt bets to much of the bank on mees abilities to gits my crew to
to partake in that creating lifetime memories stuff jose documented
maybe fish ya there next year
hudge props to lando for catherdinghosting and those cats who show up to be herded
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By sarmulminnow
As part of the herd :bow

... Ellie kisses to all that participated, especially the host cap’n Lando,
and our pal fsb
EBAE7035-D013-4550-AB8F-43FCEA5550A8.jpeg (458.49 KiB) Viewed 784 times

We hope to do it again next year
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By BigTimber
you're not welcome, Kanye. But you can leave that Kim lady on the doorstep for Hagen.
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By Lando
It snowed yesterday, so I highly doubt those two will stick around very long.
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