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By fishskibum
Lando wrote: Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:29 am 41D932FF-4985-4D09-882B-A19F002CEC87.jpeg
you let mees knows ifin you needs any stuffs for sliding down that white stuffs
I gots way mur than a bum should own
the god and I had vision problems at work hump day
couldn't see wasting another fine day on employment
with old man winter coming to stay
so we hit the dyke and puts the pooper bends in the whippy sticks
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By fly-chucker
I lime vision problems :cool
By fishskibum
somebodys a little more stoked on the change than i am
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By BigTimber
holy shit. abominable snow Sheldon.
By BobLoblaw
It's Friday somewhere...
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By fly-chucker
November musky fishing :wink
november musky.jpg
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He takes after his mother, that’s for sure.

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