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BigTimber wrote: Mon Nov 18, 2019 9:25 am good weather AND no trips to the ER? I don't believe it.
Any drive through daiquiri's?
Some drinks were daiquiried
yea, good stuff! I always look forward to this report. Well done Ron, well done.
On Friday I had Fishwater in the boat. He saw fish and fed them well. I believe we were one fish shy of a dozen before lunch. I found out the rod he was using was inherited from his father in law, and it had never seen a redfish prior to that day. What a day.
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On Saturday I had Willi and Fatman in the boat. Willi did what Willi does, which is see and catch everything in sight. FM, in a bizzare twist of events, fished in blue skies and clean water. His body went into some kind of shock, and he proceeded to hammer the fish. He did insist on taking a swim (against my wishes). His rod tried to swim away, but we caught it, landed the fish, got FM back in the boat and continued fishing.

That afternoon Kevin caught his first black drum and Willi caught his second and third. Another great day.
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On Sunday I had Fatman and LAflyguy in the boat. We targeted bigger fish but didn’t get very good results. The prior days produced very aggressive fish during the morning low tide. On Sunday we got refusal after refusal during that period. However, the fish started playing along in the afternoon making for another great day. Fatman, under blue skies, caught a goat and a red. We tried like hell to get him a black drum to complete a marsh slam, but the sun set on our efforts. Another great day.
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Wednesday afternoon I picked up Fatman, Sir Hugeness, and Willi from the airport. Small talk and catching ups were done on the drive down the bayou. That night we ended up with the rest of the crew at the bar and ate some damn fine roast beast poboys. That night, poor Justin pulled my name to be on his boat, but made it up by also pulling CE.

Thursday, fought rain and clouds all day but were still able to find see and find fish. Our most productive spot was Ben's bank and Max's alligator creek/redfish island creek. The careless one was the first to hook up .
Got one
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Justin continued to pole us around and I was able to get one as well.
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We ate lunch, and continued exploring but we ended up going back to where we originally caught fish to finish the day.
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Ben ended the day catching an awesome fish with an excellent eat.

That night we ate gumbo and had good times at camp.
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Friday, Lurker Mike/Angus MacGyver pulled my name and we fished together. He put me on the pointy end of the boat first and we stared cruising banks with oysters as the tide was falling.
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After a few missed shots, a decent sized black drum showed up about 30 ft off the side of the boat casually swimming away. I cast as close to the fish as possible and the fish turned and stared chasing the fly. After chasing the fly for about 2 - 3 ft, he ate and the fight was on.
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Mike was gracious enough to let me pole him around for a short time before he spotted a redfish.
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I jumped back on the front and more fish were caught.

I'm still working on my form.
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We ended the day with a few more fish and then headed back to the camp.

Like us, everyone got into fish and had a great day.

That night we went to the "nice" restaurant that everyone had been looking forward to for a couple of days.
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As Ron mentioned, he and I teamed up on Saturday, as I needed to fish close to a launch as I had some family duties that evening back home.

We started where he and Willi fished prior, but the tide/water level was different and the fish weren't acting quite the same. Nevertheless, we caught a couple of reds before moving to another location - Blekville.

It wasn't long before the black drum started showing up and I started setting a pattern.
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A pattern of catching black drum and fucking up good shots. I was seeing fish, but yes Ron, I need to work on my casting.

Ron wanted to get his blek on, see he finally got down off the poling platform and caught a few. Ron is working on his form as well.
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Fish continued to get pulled over the side of the boat.
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Unfortunately the time was nearing 2:00 - my cutoff time to get back to the launch and make it home in time. Ron made the correct decision to hit one more spot before heading back. A few fish were seen but none were caught until we reached the small pond at the end of the bayou. As Ron said, he pointed out the fish he saw with its back out of the water. By the time I saw it, only the tail was still sticking out of the water. The tail seemed like it had color, but I had been fooled earlier by a few black drum. I could see the bright fish in the water, and as Ron mentioned, I assumed it was a big black drum.

The fish was slightly quartering to me and I cast as close as I could to the side of the fish - no reaction. Typical. As with most black drum, the fly has to get almost directly under their face for them to eat. I didn't want to line the fish but I had to try something different so I cast to the left side of the fish and drug it the only place where the fish could see it because of the lack of water clarity - directly under her face.

The fish ate and began to run. As the fish ran, I could see it come to the surface and get a better look at it. This was no black drum. It was the biggest redfish I had caught in a LONG while and probably my longest fish to date. When they have a paddle like this, they are pretty good at swimming and fighting.
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It was a great ending to a great day fishing with a great friend at the last minute to get home. Thanks Ron for making it happen.
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