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By pok
I struggle to come up the severity of disappointment regarding the fall cover fail. I feel bad for the alienation and ridicule to come your way from almost every sierra angler and guide to see this cover, as I have been a fan and reader since inception. Best case it's ignorance and lack photography expertise oversight.
As you may or may not know, the cover is Hot Creek, one of the most hallowed stretches of river in the sierras, and probably the most pressured. 

Where do I start?

It's a no wade river and the local community fiercely tries to protect it and keep invasive species out. Anyone wading is immediately, and often friendly, firmly "instructed" to exit the river.

The fisherman in the foreground is on the wrong side and it's not fished because you have to cross the river.

And the worst part, I don't even think these are real anglers, the size ratios are way off and unnatural. Nobody would ever stand in that section, or fish that bend from that side.

Wow, just wow. How it ought of looked.

speechless would require the act of shutting the fuck up
not joining a forum to talk about your omg butthurt special snowflake feelings
man up ,own your fail ,and move on son
It's a hallowed stretch of river that's over pressured, and you want to protect it, so you hot spot the fuck out of where it is on the internet...
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Nice post dude. The only thing I would change is the title. It would get more clicks (and likes) if it were "Speechless in the Sierras: Hot Creek Hotspot Hotness"
seems like the locals would be more concerned about hotspot creek being a dammed up piece of shit full of raceway retards.

but on the other hand, the ability to compartmentalize is right up there with reading the water for the modern fly fisherman.
By pok
Well, I'll own it and understand some of the replies. Hot Creek is no secret and it's not being "outed," it's so "out" that protecting the location is not the point, protecting "how" it is fished is.

In what appears to be "placing" anglers into protected stream in which a leading publication embracing the fly fishing culture and photography seems a bit off.

"Butt hurt" is spot on I agree with that...I guess as a long time reader that's why.

"Shut the ^%ck up" comments are always amusing in a forum. Maybe his toddler typed it by accident.

If raising a little awareness that the shot misrepresents the essence of the stream and if that touches a nerve , I'll own it.

If this is the wrong place or forum, my mistake.
speechless[ speech-lis ]SHOW IPA
temporarily deprived of speech by strong emotion, physical weakness, exhaustion, etc.:
speechless with alarm.
characterized by absence or loss of speech:
speechless joy.
lacking the faculty of speech; dumb.
not expressed in speech or words:
speechless compliments.
refraining from speech.
Hot Creek isn’t a “No Wade” river. There is a generally accepted etiquette that discourages wading, but it’s not illegal. And part of that etiquette, as has been my experience over more than 20 years is, if an angler is crossing to a far bank, it’s fine.

Problem is some people treat Hot Creek like it’s some hallowed ground. It’s not. It’s a heavily overused creek, populated with some of the most pompous armchair anglers ever created. The myth of Hot Creek died long before I ever saw it for the first time.
By pok
Agreed on all points, and I'd add for many it's the first stream they experience Sierra fishing on and many folks make a good portion of their living having it there in good shape. Yep, it's "rolex row" in the summer. I'll close on this much to a applause of the members, (I've been educated in a PM that's this is not necessarily an open forum for this issue. ) My point was simply this is an important stream, crowded yes, pompous at times, not what it used to be, absolutely. But to some it's special, their office, nothing is what it used to be in fly fishing and it's worth protecting and defending what little we have left. So to ask why not showcase it in its intended light and not photo shop angler angler in the middle of it seems reasonable. (But clearly just not here, lol)
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