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The Wandering Blues wrote: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:16 am Hot Creek isn’t a “No Wade” river. There is a generally accepted etiquette that discourages wading, but it’s not illegal. And part of that etiquette, as has been my experience over more than 20 years is, if an angler is crossing to a far bank, it’s fine.
Thanks for clarifying Curtis. It seems the original poster was a bit disingenuous and misleading. I thought the cover photo was documenting a crime. Upon re-reading, I believe words were carefully chosen to mislead.
Lando wrote: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:43 am Where are the tits?
Have you taught your fur child to bark to that phrase yet?
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By Lando
Me-Louie, tell Pok to "Fuck off."

Lou-Bark bark

Me-Good boy.

Me-Lou, where are the tits?

Lou-runs around aimlessly looking for the tits Pok should have posted
Man, fuck Hot Creek. I remember Carpe Tructa and Barbrady trying to con me into fishing that spot some time ago. Who in thee actual fuck goes trout fishing in Cali to catch invasives? There's native Golden trouts round the west side of that massive spire that overlooks Lone Pine. Oh yeah, I forgot. There is no love for what belongs and dicks gittin hard over what's popular. Ghey :gun
So now you've gone from a hunch " I don't even think these are real anglers, the size ratios are way off and unnatural"

to stating as fact
pok wrote: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:49 am So to ask why not showcase it in its intended light and not photo shop angler angler in the middle of it seems reasonable.
First I would happily wager that you are wholly wrong on this. Dollars to donuts the anglers weren't "photo shopped in"

Second, it's really amusing that you would try to disparage The Drake Magazine as being disingenuous and trying to pass off a fake photo, when this entire thread is based on your OP which was disingenuous in your attempt to create the impression that there are actual regulations preventing wading on Hot Creek, when apparently there aren't. Your butthurt has apparently caused an extreme case of myopia.
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By Obie
Redchaser wrote: Thu Nov 21, 2019 6:19 am So now you've gone from a hunch " I don't even think these are real anglers, the size ratios are way off and unnatural"
And if you're confident they're photoshopped, it doesn't matter what side of the river they're fishing.

You're an adult, out in the world, actively searching for reasons to be pissed.

It makes you insufferable.

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By Da Ax
OMG!!! THE HORROR!!!! THE HUMANITY!!! What state representative or congressman do I write to in order to have this obvious blasphemy made aware to all 'Muricans?

Good grief...
From Mono County tourism site-

“ It is a walk and wade fishery, although wading is not recommended at Hot Creek, as it not only damages the fishery’s habitat and can spread invasive aquatic species, it also unnecessary as the creek is exceptionally easy to fish from the bank.”

Now Hot Creek Ranch, which is private & pay to play, bans wading due to the potential for destruction. Yet, I’ve fished there once and watched their staff wading to uproot a shit ton of aquatic vegetation so their guests can get a drift on their “dry fly only” property. That stirs more sediment, and warms the water due to lack of cover.

Sure, Hot Creek is an iconic spot on the Eastside. But, it’s been loved to death.
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By 421sd
pok wrote: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:49 am My point was simply this is an important stream,.....
Yeah, everybody's local favorite is 'an important stream.' I used to think that about a couple of locals, until I realized not really so much in the big picture.

Five Bruce minimum. So Fail, OMG. Don't know what that means? Double Fail, OMG.
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