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Thursday the 13th update:

I will not be meeting tomorrow's shipping deadline. (self-imposed)


I am aware of incoming packages from YardSale, Lando, 421sd, The Wisco Disco boys, DanOver, Streamer, Richie Farino, Blumpkin, and Peetso.

It's a good problem to have.

Heero's box arrived today.

That is all. You all still suck.


PS: Let's wrap this up soon please. Buster (Curtis) wants to fish. I think. I mean, wouldn't you?
Last week I wrote:

I am aware of incoming packages from YardSale, Lando, 421sd, The Wisco Disco boys, DanOver, Streamer, Richie Farino, Blumpkin, and Peetso.

The Wisco Disco boys
Richie Farino

If your name has been struck from the list, your package/envelope/dirty underwear has been received.

Soon, very soon, I can ship.

[/herding cats]
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K_P wrote: Wed Feb 19, 2020 7:36 pm
[/herding cats]
Did you expect any different?
Okay Gents, here's the deal.

Today I shipped a big ol' box, insured for $1500.00, to Curtis. It *should* arrive on Wednesday. I've forwarded him the tracking number.

I'm still awaiting a couple of items that have been pledged. Let me say this. If you HAVEN'T shipped an item that you pledged and cannot do so today, I'm asking you not to. The plan is to ship a second (and final) package one week from today. In other words, it's time to wrap this up.

I'm sure you'll be hearing from Curtis when he recovers from having his mind blown. You guys are awesome!

If he's not fishing by Friday, he has nobody to blame but himself. :coffee
He did, Dan.

So, the wife and I are sitting in our mostly empty condo, “enjoying” our final night here. All that’s left is the couch and the TV for watching Better Call Saul tonight, and those items will go into storage tomorrow. We’re sipping a couple of brews and toasting that it was better than it wasn’t. But, man, we’re relieved we’re outta here.

Funny thing. I hadn’t even thought about throwing a fly since my gear got swiped. Didn’t even think about it when we were down on the Gulf and the bulls were coming in shallow.

But, then KP started communicating (with a whole lot of excitement) as to what was happening. And I found myself
looking at river flow reports and watching YouTube videos of that Huge Flyfisherman guy... In other words, I got excited about getting back to what I love.

Tranny sent me early a sweet little blue line reel. I swung by Bruiser’s office only to be greeted with a couple of boxes of his go-to hand tied flies. And Dunk sent out a sampling of his offerings from Ritual Brewing...

So, we’ve got some traveling to do to offer some personal thanks. And if Coronavirus chills the fuck out, that should include a trip to Austria to discuss shitty Ozzie rugby over copious beers with a unintelligible twat who will always have a spot in the trailer if he jet sets over.

You guys suck. And I’m blessed because of it.

PS- And Kevin, Pete will visit you this year, possible at the WiscoDisco.
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