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By ScottP

With cuts to USDA’s budget, I’d take this data with a grain of rock salt but it’s what’s available.
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By K_P
I've lived in northwest Montana for 25 winters. This was, BY FAR, the mildest winter I've ever experienced. January was extremely rainy. Thank God it wasn't 10 degrees colder, or I'd still be shoveling.

Thankfully, just a very few hundred feet above the valley floor, it was cold enough to snow, and we're slightly above average in snowpack.

Still, I worry about climate change.
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Been a dry start in NorCal. Mid 70's is doing wonders for the sundress hatch around town but,

we need a wet March...bad. At least drought years bring good skwala fishing :coffee
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Super mild winter but snowpack is pretty good at elevation here. A lot was later season snow, very little early winter. More falling over the next couple days, supposedly.
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By 421sd
Our snowpack was at .5 inch this morning in the Ozarks. We're out West to the Easterners, and out East to the Westerners.

Does anyone want to do a Pike/Muskie swap?

here's your ball. fuck off.

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