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I love that this dude registered just to put his wifes white booty on teh suk. WTF?
Deschutes4me wrote:
m.b. wrote:
truteya wrote:Cmon pussies, keep this going. Had to move to tx for 2 years to get a ring on this one but it was worth it. Forgot how great that ass looks wrapped in ex-officio. She understand all my addictions, aint in no hurry for kiddies and has an mindblowing rack. I've tried to get her to do a cleavage shot in simms waders for you guys but no luck yet, I'll keep at it.
is that awesome ex-officio ass and mindblowing rack from Liberty Hill or Texarkana by any chance?

and how's that cleavage shot coming along?
Nope, H-town. I did ask her about doing the wader cleavage shot for the sukc, not gonna happen. shoulda made up something about it satisfying a fantasy of mine. Live and learn.
fishskibum wrote: Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:16 am Image
fuk yeahs I knew the birds was here
wheres my Wonga m8?
ill take flies
poopfish ones please
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