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This will be the last one of these(rejoice!). I have made it to half, maybe less, the number of lakes as the previous couple years (not all pictured in this topic).

Today’s, according to the Geeps, was 17+ miles r/t with 6600’ elevation gain. I’ve done it before - past one perfectly good lake, off the trail, up over the mountain to the next drainage, drop down a treacherous descent (and ascent back) to the lake.

The big lake has had fish pushing 20” surveyed. They are dour in that lake, tho. I have seen less than a handful of rises, none of those today, and have never seen a cruising fish. I plowed the depths again today, but nothing to show for it, so I went to the smaller lake to catch dinks.
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The walk is the best part, fish are just a bonus.

No, I knew Id have the new chicken plus a new pup and no time to take an unlimited hunt seriously. I put in for a draw region (and didnt win, of course!) this year rather than pick up an unlimited tag with the thought if I miraculous won Id take the time to do an easier hunt. Maybe next year.
Unlimited Bronze Backs


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