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By chadroc
I haven't been by here in ages, except to swoop in like a vulture and leave a "sick" or "wonderful" on the flotsam and jetsam that here washes up.......but now I am back and asking the old suk for some help. I'm trying to raise money to donate to my town's public schools in honor of a neighbor who was brutally murdered by a psychopath on may 22nd. I live in a deeply quiet place and this heinous act put a taint on my hometown for me. the killer, google Peter Manfredonia, chopped off Ted Demers arm with one of those new fangled prepper guy machetes that is actually really a katana. Ted died of blood loss trauma.

it touched close to home. the murderer led the police on a chase and eventually dropped his motor bike and took off on foot. he was / is a survivalist. he escaped into some deep woods and turned his phone on. the FBI was able to triangulate him at a remote pond at the exact time my wife and children were swimming in it. this mad man was right there with my kids. this caused me some agony, and still does. that my loved ones, were that close to the flame.

he hid a night in the woods in a swamp. he traveled by streams to avoid the dogs. he took hostage a friends uncle, tied him up and stole his truck and guns. he used one of the guns the next morning to murder a man on his way out of Connecticut. he was on the lam for 6 days. for 6 days I stood watch and the kids slept upstairs.......but he was eventually captured in Maryland.

I would like to ask you fellas to help me by supporting a raffle to benefit my towns public schools. all funds generated will be donated in the name of the late Ted Demers. He was a good man, an avid outdoorsman, and a helluva wood worker. please help me out in this endeavor. all this is on Facebook at my page, bob's page, etc. if you have any questions, I ain't hard to find. thanks in advance. this old place helped many folks in my time here in the past. here I am come asking for some myself.....I appreciate you all. thanks. Chadroc.

Let’s All Do Something Really Good – Raffle To Benefit Willington Public Schools In Honor of Ted Demers

On May 22, 2020 Ted Demers was murdered in Willington Connecticut by Peter Manfredonia. Ted was a longtime resident and community member here in my hometown. He was a committed father and husband, skilled furniture maker and craftsman, and an avid outdoorsman. His death shocked our local community and the grief associated with this event will have long lasting effects. We’re all trying to get back to normal in a very unorthodox time in human existence. Many will miss Ted.
Through the COVID 19 pandemic I’ve seen such hope and promise in the kindness of others. I’ve watched as neighbors became friends and helped one another out. I’ve seen my local community take the steps needed to remain safe and healthy. I’ve done my best to frequent local business and be the best father, husband, and member of our community as I can be.
I have decided that I want to do something to honor the legacy of Ted Demers. I want to do something that will have long lasting effects that are positive.
I am hosting a raffle to raise funds in Ted’s name. All proceeds will be donated to the Willington Public Schools. I trust that our school board will use any capital raised through these efforts to enrich the lives of Willington students. I personally did not know Ted well though we had met. In a small town you cross paths with many of your neighbors and relationships span across social circles. I feel confident that my endeavor would have been supported by Ted Demers.
This is a small thing that I can do to make life in Willington a bit better for many families and children. Please join me by contributing to the raffle or donating to the Willington Public Schools in Ted’s name.
My community of friends are for the most part avid outdoorsmen and women. Many are fly fishers. In 2018 I had asked for contributions of items from my friends to be raffled off to fund a Trout In The Classroom type program for Willington Public Schools. I was able to raise the funds needed for Willington to do so and still had a wealth of material left to use for fund raising. I set these items aside and knew that something would come up in the future that I could use them for. That time has come and here we go!
The way this will work is that there will be 4 categories of items for raffle. You will be able to enter your tickets into any of the 4 categories or a combination of them. Each ticket will cost $10.00. You will need to use PayPal to send me the total amount of your contribution and tell me which category or categories you want to be entered in. At that point I will assign you a number and when the raffle ticket sales are complete, I will host a drawing where a random number generator will be used to pick the winning numbers.
The categories are as follows:
1) Art
In the art category we have 4 pieces donated by Bob White, Richard Harrington, and Abby Kik. Here is a breakdown of these gorgeous works:

a. Bob White printer’s proofs – Bob is a world-renowned sporting artist based out of Minnesota. His work has appeared far and wide and captures the bucolic nature of the sporting life, its joy and peace, as well as the excitement associated with it. In October 2020 Stackpole books will publish a retrospective of his work titled “The Classic Sporting Art Of Bob White”. We have 2 printer’s proofs of his paintings for auction. Here is a link to Bob’s website, please check out his fantastic work:

b. Richard Harrington – Rick is an immensely talented artist based in the Pacific North West whose work has been exhibited widely. He works in several mediums. His painted animal work has always inspired me while his landscape and barn painting series have inspired awe within me. My most recent purchase of Rick’s is a stunning woodcut printing of a raven. For raffle, we have an original framed stone lithograph titled “White Pines”. This is where you will find all things Rick Harrington:

c. Abby Kik – Abby is a socially conscious young woman and self-represented artist. Her artwork captures her native Kentucky as it has long roots through her family. Abby’s passion is evident when viewing her work. She dabbles in many mediums of art: ink, acrylic, oil and watercolor. I’ve been amazed at her wire sculpture creations as well. She has graciously donated an original oil painting of a brook trout. Here is a link to her website:

2) Fly Rod Outfits / Fly Collections
In this category we have 2 full fly rod combo’s and 2 fly collections.

a. Echo Base 9’ #7 rod with matching Ross Rapid 7/8 reel. This is a fine bass outfit and will handle almost any bass that swims in the continental United States. The reel comes fully lined and ready to fish. It is my hope that you will use this rod to cast bass bugs at America’s most popular game fish.

b. Fenwick 6’ #5 rod with matching Orvis Battenkill Disc 5/6 reel. This rod is an absolute classic and will be difficult for me to mail out to the winner. This rod, an American made fiberglass rod dating to 1969-70, is in pristine condition and shows little to no sign of use. This “FF60” would look wonderful displayed on your wall, but it is my hope that it will be fished, since I sure as heck would fish it if I won this one. The Orvis reel, of their “Made In England” collection, is also vintage and comes from my personal collection. It comes fully lined and ready to fish.

c. Bass Fly Collection – A selection of Pat Cohen deer hair bugs and streamers. Pat is a well-known fly tyer and tattoo artist from Upstate New York. His flies are an incredible meld of form and functionality – a perfect combination of art and usefulness. Some of his designs in my personal box I consider too beautiful to fish, but when I do so they generate results. Pat’s bugs can be purchased at:

d. Pike / Musky Fly Collection – A selection of Urban Fly Company predator flies. Fishing for predator fish is easily my favorite type of fishing to be done on a fly rod. Predator flies are large and time consuming to make. I can tie them myself, but Mark Burns of Urban Fly Company does so far better than I do. Mark’s flies are remarkable tools for targeting Pike and Musky. I will also include flies tied by Tommy Baranowski and Marlon Prince. Tommy is a local friend and skilled fly tyer. Marlon is a successful guide who regularly boats immense Musky from the St John’s river system.
Here is a link to Mark’s website:
Here is a link to Marlo’s website: ... v13AiF_OZM

3) Classy Stuff
In this category we have 3 items too nice for my personal man cave but wonderful for yours.

a. Fly Tying Tool Caddy and Tool Set – My friend Jeff Holberg is a talented wood worker. His fly tying tool caddy has been handmade from a chunk of native Cedar wood. To populate this gorgeous addition to your fly tying bench I’ve included a selection of high end tools to help you craft your own flies.

b. Rod Rack – My father in law, Andy Barry, recently retired. Good job Andy! In his retirement he has taken his hobby of wood working to another level. Andy crafted a gorgeous wooden rod rack that he donated to my auction.

c. Master Maison Damascus Steel Filet Knife – Another item I’ll have a hard time letting go. Crafted from imported Japanese steel, this razor-sharp filet knife could really have been placed in the art category of raffle items. It will serve the culinary minded individual well for years.

4) Guided Trips
Here we have 3 individual trips with top notch guides in both Connecticut and Wisonsin. The winners of these trips will be responsible for transportation and lodging in Northern Wisconsin (for the trip with Brad Bohen) and Connecticut (for the trips with Steve Pogodzienski and Derrick Kirkpatrick).

a. Brad Bohen – Musky Trip in Wisconsin. In terms of predator fishing, Brad stands alone as the grandfather of the game having designed flies, explored water, and essentially developed the act of fly fishing for Musky singlehandedly. He has been fishing and guiding in Northern Wisconsin successfully for years. His influence and advice has grown predator fishing in the US and he has assisted countless anglers and fellow guides along the way. Brad specializes in Musky fishing, my personal dream and bucket list fish. Having taken only 1 in my lifetime I’ll be deeply envious of anyone who wins this trip. You’ll see gorgeous waters and have a legitimate shot at the fish of a lifetime with Brad. Here is a link to his guiding company, Musky Country Outfitters:

b. Steve Pogodzienski (AKA Pogo Pike) – Pike / Smallmouth trip in North Western Connecticut. Pogo is a long-time friend and incredible teacher and guide. Steve will take you out for a half day on any of the scenic waters he guides here in Connecticut. He has talent and personality to spare. Similar to the trip with Brad, I’ll be jealous of the winner here. Here is a link to Pogo Pike’s website:

c. Derrick Kirkpatrick / CT Fish Guides – Trout fishing trip or lesson in Central Connecticut. Derrick has taught me more about trout fishing in our time together than any other angler. He has technical ability to fish far exceeding my own and he’s put me on the biggest Rainbow Trout I ever caught. Derrick guides primarily on the Farmington River and he’s put clients consistently on its fine fish. He also ties custom flies and they are amazing tools in pursuit of trout. They’ll work in any water trout swim in, I can attest to this personally. You can find Derrick’s and his flies for sale at:

Here is how you can participate in this raffle. You will send money via PayPal to You can send as little as $10 or as much as you want. Each numbered ticket entry in the raffle costs $10. You can elect to have your ticket number entered into any of the 4 categories up for raffle:
Category 1 = Art
Category 2 = Fly Rods / Flies
Category 3 = Classy Stuff
Category 4 = Guided Trips
If you purchase one ticket and send me $10 and want it entered into the Art category you will need to specify in your PayPal transmission your name and a way to contact you should you win (phone or email will work) as well as the words “Category 1”. If you send me $40 and want an entry into all 4 categories you will state your name and indicate your intentions along the lines of “One Entry In Each Category”. If you send me $100 you’ll need to specify clearly where you want to cast your chances. I am available to answer questions at or via Facebook messenger. If you know my phone number, don’t hesitate to shoot me a text. I won’t provide my number here but I am not hard to find.
Twice a week I will post documentation in the form of a listing showing all entries into all raffle categories where you’ll be able to know your actual numbers entered into each category of raffle items. I’ll be sharing this listing here on Facebook. It is my intention to accept entries through August 14th 2020. I will draw the winners on August 15th 2020 and will notify the winners shortly thereafter.
I would sincerely like to thank and appreciate the following folk who are making this all possible. Bob White, Rick Harrington, Abby Kik, my boys Taylor, Charlie and Kevin, Pat Cohen, Mark Burns, Jeff Holberg, Andy Barry, Justin Maddux, Tommy Baranowski, Aaron Swanson, Fred Anderson, Brad Bohen, Pogo, Derrick Kirkpatrick, Shenango Valley Shananigans Podcast, and Upcountry Sport Fishing. I am sure I am forgetting some, but so much help came through here that I can’t really remember all who have provided it. You are appreciated. I am blessed with community garnered through the sport of fly fishing that extends coast to coast.
I thank, in advance, any who enter this raffle and am excited to do good in the name of Ted Demers whose life I seek to honor through a donation to the town in which he lived and worked. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with any questions or issues. Furthermore PLEASE feel free to share this and spread the word on this raffle and my intentions.
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By The Wandering Blues
May I donate a couple of woodcut prints for the cause? Bob will vouch for the quality.
By chadroc
you may indeed. I really really appreciate your help. I'm gonna PM you.
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By The Wandering Blues
Package on the way.
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By Obie
That's bananas.

I'm in.
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By Transylwader
A.D. Maddox amazing artwork is unavailable? I am OUT.
By chadroc
Wandering Blues- gorgeous. Thank you so much. Any questions feel free to either PM myself or Jnnythndr - tranny is hereby elected acting secretary and treasurer. I’ve got $1350 in sales as of right now, 135 tickets sold. Please jump in. Waters fine.
By Oakman
Done, you can spread my donation evenly out over the categories. I assume you have my email from the PP transaction, if not send me a PM.

Good work, terrible story.
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By flatscaster
Wonka said "So shines a good deed in a weary world" and he was right. We need all the light we can get.

I'm in.
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By pbrstreetgang
Sent money - I don't want anything in return should I win. Roll on to the next person in the queue. Just want to help
By chadroc
Thanks Josh, and everybody. If Josh win's we're going to cash value his prize and then send it to Sweethearts Adult Emporium which is in Wisconsin. We'll arrange that said funds be deposited into an account that any Drakian can draw from should they find themselves stranded in Wisco without any anal beads, graphic VHS tapes, or other various and sundry toys needed to achieve maximum enjoyment.

Bumping this up - we're got over $2200 raised thus far thanks to the good will of the overall community. I was supposed to do the drawing a week or so ago but a series of unfortunate events occurred here in southern newengland to pork me. that dang tropical storm whatever its name was just smashed us and we had no power a week. I then had to get my life back together.......

the delightful storm dropped a tree on 66% of my boats. sigh.

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