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Thanks for finishing this up. They actually tried to change that law in Oregon awhile back and people flipped the fuck out. Turns out it doesnt just provide jobs for lemon heads, it actually protects tender Oregonians from the perils of pumping gas. I guess it's a job best left to trained professionals. Or just anyone from any other state.
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By vaku
Damn Joe that was fucking fantastic! Glad I stopped in for a quick look today. Smoking cigars and drinking whiskey and eating tacos seems to be pretty standard fare with you!
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By fatman
:smile :smile :smile
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Average Joe wrote: Thu Sep 17, 2020 4:23 pm
Soon afterwards the terrain turned rugged, and I thought, “Any pioneer who years ago decided, ‘Let’s go this way’ probably didn’t make it very far.”
Been reading about some of those early pioneers, a whole different breed of tough. I'll take the average way of air conditioned rigs and road sodas when crossing the desert. :cool
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