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I'm not sure why, but "It's called a peduncle you dumb fuck," has always struck me as one of the funniest things ever written here. Maybe it's because peduncle is just a funny word. Maybe it's because breaking RFA's balls for misspelling Canadiens and not using the word peduncle in the middle of an otherwise solid TR is what made this place what it is/was/whatever.

Anyhow, I just had a picture of a guy tailing a salmon come across my IG feed and said out loud, "Its called a peduncle you dumb fuck," and came back here for a re-read.
I went back 2 years later and actually got one, on a dry no less.

This is now a yearly trip, or at least it was, until COVID came into the picture.
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Yes, made a good friend at work that first time I went up. I have gone back purely for fishing (didn't want to say "pleasure", because that would sound weird) .
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Damn fine... everything.

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