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By The Wandering Blues
Although I like Daniel Craig’s Bond the best, Sean Connery will always be THE James Bond. Hope he’s getting Pussy Galore tonight and a decent martini.
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By Redchaser
And that sip poured better be a Martini (a real one not vodka) shaken not stirred. And you are correct, Connery is “The” James Bond. He was my favorite Bond because I enjoyed the touches of humor he brought to the character.
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By Bobwhite
There are some guys that you just never think of as mortal, Sean Connery is one of them for me.
By DanOver
Always a class act. The guy lived a tough early life, found something he loved and excelled at it. “One ping” for sir Connery!
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By woolly bugger
I've got seven days of bond lined up... Thunderball tonight...
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By Obie
Guy could've milked one character his entire career and still been a legend, but he wanted to challenge himself.

I think that's admirable.
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By Redchaser
"Anal bum covers for 200 Alex"
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