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By fishskibum
did sum practicins
gots the smalleyes to eat my flies
and trying to keep the troots game tight
well yeah i aints gonna roll sober buts
will blow 0.0 to captain crafts
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
The inferno has begun. One in the Beartooth foothills right near the border and another in the foothills south of the Bighorns.

Cleansing fire, circle of life.
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By Lando
Boiled golden trout. Yum.
We should do a whitefish derby. Everyone vs Sherb
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Lando wrote: Wed Jun 16, 2021 9:26 pm Boiled golden trout. Yum.
We should do a whitefish derby. Everyone vs Sherb
I would say we would all lose, but I know we couldnt keep Sheb off the whiskey long enough to go the distance.

Also, I never liked Red Lodge anyway (this is today).
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By fishskibum
waits enuffs next years
and ya might gits to cover the dome with a done waiting cap
while you brown domer down
hagen mail all them shirts yet?
or they just gonna sit in the boxes till the 2025 aniversary?
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By fishskibum
no water?
like we wont be able to hike down the 100 yards to the river and sprey em up
well just haz to euro dabble nymph the far bank from the middle of the channel?
or not enuffs to even float below the dam thru town past the tpees?
sheldons bringing ya all tying materials
and expects a few flies a day
im bringin fresh and booze infused homesgrown berries
and hopefully the gummi bar
dont ever members cereal involved but you can puts the berries on the fruity puffs if ya likes
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By stillsteamin
Fuckin love daiquiris. Which doesnt make me gay
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