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By Average Joe
Got a text from Spicytuna last week, inviting me to chase stripers on his new pontoon boat.
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His buddy Andrew was the hot rod of the day.
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I managed to fool a couple as well.
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Tuna was even kind enough to bring us all burritos.
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Bill, our mascot.
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Weird kind of shit you always see on the delta.
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It was a great day, and without a doubt the most comfortable boat I’ve ever fished from.

Cheers boys.
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By fatman
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By McH
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By stillsteamin
I love to hate pontoons. Fucking Travis's dad, Big Mike, has one for walleye fishing. I'll sit on it sullenly, supremely comfortable and happy, repeatedly repeating that I hate pontoon boats.

Midwestern atrocities, like cheese casserole, which, of course, I also love hate.
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By fishskibum
stoked the tuna cats doin well
1st drakian i met in meat space
glad you got out with him on the party barge
Theyre gittin cheap at work and wont roll my pto over
and they took a couple weeks last year and didnt even bother tellin me to use it or lose it
fornicate that noise
so see ya in a week

somebody had sent me a link to the denver carp slam
well yeah poop slam is my jam
raised the fundage with friends n fams help
loaded the dog n hog n hit the road east
hit starvation
saw the carps
caught the
pulled off bout 2 and made it to bmcmandia for sunset
and dinner
The bmc ran a shuttle for us and sheldon and i got the float n b happy on
stung n swung up a lot of lil guys
saw sums swamp donks
went back n did camp stuffs
i think that was the freezing rain dog with explosive diarrhea up every 2 hours to let him outta the tent night
got up enjoyed sunrise and went n did fishy stuffs
passed the cantalopes
unintas got dusted
sun peeked out identified some targets from the bluff
snuck down with stealth intercepted and initiated contact
well yeah
had a few more shots but the gittin down the muddy bluff with stealth part didnt happen
made some calls figured out an itinerary and called it another day fishin
and headed back to browns
harvest moon and campfire warmth ftw
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By fishskibum
rolled up n out early hump day
really wanted to head back to the gorge
the troots were going off on the calibrates hatch the day before and i figured id find a pooper or 2
also figured id be rollin into steamboat in the dark
decided to slow roll east instead
another gourgie start to another fishtober day
stopped at bridgeport, pipeline and swung a few at swingin bridge
a sympathy of colors in a land of rich history
aside from a occasional orange clad hunter rig the river corridor was empty
thought about throwin the boat in and walking the wildlife drive shuttle
but kept to the no sleep till steamboat mantra goin
sheldon misses his mom
no squawfish sighted or swung up
stopped in at the old ft davey crocket 2 bar ranch and ladore institute of higher learning
im pullin a ladore permit this year
i could feel it in the brisk fall air
special place
special time of year
pounded out the miles with the jcm's lonesome jubilee stuck in the disc player
sunbeam maybell to the kind castle in craig
rolled into the boat noonish to the we should go fishin suggestion of my host
the dude and dog abides
sheldon made a new friend cosmo
fished the upper yampa on a stretch the nature conservatory and local orgs were able to purchase and do some stream improvement work on
stuck a few nice fish
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By fishskibum
the next day dawned
and the view from my bros spread above the elk didnt suck
did a lil fluff n buff on the hog
the hog shops on 13th just down from the james brown soul center of the universe bridge
so we crossed the tracks and swung a few up
hooked a small brown and outta nowhere a 20+" bow chased him and repeatedly headbutted took swipes at him even though he wasnt gonna fit in his mouth
ended up at sunpies for buck tacos n riverside spirits
hit the 40 road 420 ish to make it to tabernash and the hudge ones crib fore dark
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By woolly bugger
looking good...
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By fishskibum
Lando wrote: Tue Nov 02, 2021 4:10 pm Almost a trip. Almost.
"his mother had told him a trip was a fall"

happy day late 1 less year young
yeah got
on with the hudge one here
caught a buzz with a gram in an instant
sum feeshes
i think there was fried chix
gods luv chixs
i think the huge one was workin on a using a bobber while flyfishing video
nttiatwwi i think i tried for a bit
dont think i swung any up but tried
sheldon tried to teach rudi the ways of the water dog
but the rude gods a wader
everybodies a wader till they run otta river bed

i thinks the roos stuck a few and we slow rowed our way to radian
nevers sucks to fish with your hudge friends aboard the big blue
i bets theres a video;)
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By fishskibum
jumped back in the runner 4 the trip east to denver
Rolled into the blake st tap room, nice brewery btw, late
missed most of the rules
pulled a drakians name outta a hat for my pro
only person in the room i knew to any degree
the etheopian had givin me his digits as hes poopslammed all of em and id hit him up for advice
and a brown water sipper n smot poker as well
god and i hit the best western with visions of 30" poopers and 10 ben franklins in our dreams
the slave reminds me off the hagen
big ole bear of a man
cept hes got whippy stick skills
our morning beat was overland
in the lot he says damn you got a lot of gear in that rig
you may wanna leave that god in there so its all still there when we git back
the games played w/ alternating 1/2 hour shifts
We both saw fish and had a few shots
the last hour both the pro and slamatuer git to throw
the slave hooked one under the bridge but it got off
i guess the florida street bridge has some drakian poopfish history
i dug back a good 40 pages of the slaves posts to try and find the under the bridge grafiti mural in its prime
i guess its buried under a lot of poliassfuck arguing and the cool fish ink art stuff he does
we ate lunch in the lot and headed south for our afternoon beat at 88th st
denver traffic sucks
as did the 0 vis conditions on that beat
i think i tried to nymph
but fuck i dont even like to watch bobbers for troots
saw a few in a pond off the platte
and if i wasnt disuaded from bringing the sup ida got a few shots
sometimes i wish i was more competitive
we bailed to smokies bbq aqnd hung out with the deadheads
and hit the after party at troots
nice shop
had i known there was an whorvis how to catch carps book
ida read it or at least looked at the pics
ive done nuffs to know
sometimes your the looiesville slugger

dont let it bug ya
i plan on being back
and raising ducketts for things like troot in the classsroom or improving urban fisheries is a win
And sharing pooper piscacatorial pursuits with a fkna good dude and our controller/judge was well worth the miles
woke n boke
made er safe over a foot of freshies white knuckler on berthound on non snows in 4 low
and a grayknuckler over rabbits ears to the boat put the hog back on the back pounded out another 8 on 40
was hoping on another shot on the flaming g
but the post front winds were howling and we bailed for home

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