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This one has Drakian written all over ... eboard_app
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Foster, according to legend, was dispossessed from Nola after Katrina. He danced for about a decade after his exodus in Guntersville, Bama. Keep an eye out for him cutting a rug on the road to the next Drakian event.

Just because...
Police officer catches copulating couple, picks them up at dock, deposits both in jail

Something fishy was apparently going on in Sebastian on Tuesday and a police officer caught himself two suspects.

It started with a witness near Riverview Park on Indian River.

The witness looked out toward a fishing dock and found the pair in their birthday suits, somewhat occupied, and she ratted them out.

According to both arrest reports, “The reportee of this incident indicated that she observed the defendant’s [body part] during the course of the two having intercourse.”

So, she called a police officer who positioned himself to confirm her observation.

For Timothy Wendel, the officer wrote, “Upon my arrival, I observed the defendant and co-defendant engaged in intercourse as they were on the fishing dock exposed to the public.”

For Ashley Fuller, he wrote, “Upon my arrival, I observed the defendant engaged in intercourse as she was on top of the co-defendant.”

Furthermore, for Fuller, 36, “The defendant appeared to be very intoxicated. I observed alcohol bottles on scene during this incident. I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from the defendant's person.” ... ley-fuller
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