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By MTgrayling
Quality retreat Yard. :cool

I love gods, and this has nothing to do with Yard, but the next time someone asks me to watch one... the answer is no.
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By yard4sale
Now you went and hurt Mandy's feelings. Besides, watching her is like watching a door mat.

The other 2? Not so much...
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By MTgrayling
Told you it wasn't about you.

Always with the what ifs..
Outcast wrote:I love this place and most of the people here. The ones I've had the good fortune to meet in person are really salt of the earth folks.

Somebody else is going to have to watch the door for me now. Make sure to keep the riff-raff out.

Outcast out.
I reread the thread this anniversary and realized the timing, I'm slow most times; he had either just dropped Henry off or was on his way to do so. He knew i thought gringo was an ass, and i don't know where that god was.

If I had said "no way man" , or more probable, "fuck off, this ain't no kennel"...
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By cornholio
Solid. :cool :cool

That cot is money. Sets up faster than a foldy chair.
And chorizos are now mandatory on all my overnighter trips...
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By P-A
Good run Yard in a good mans honour. Pouring one for him tonight.
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By yard4sale
yard4sale wrote:[report]
solstice 2016 031.JPG
solstice 2016 031.JPG (287.14 KiB) Viewed 1392 times
This tree represents it all. It creates the best, a nice long run with good pace and depth. But in the near future it will also kill that run when the bank finally gives way. I won’t go into it but lets just say it became a symbol for what I was thinking about how Ryans star burned.[/report]

tree down.jpg
tree down.jpg (276.85 KiB) Viewed 1392 times
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By austrotard
do the puddleduck bump, fuckos.
By speybait
Cheers, Ryan.

We never met but I enjoyed your writing.

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