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By Redchaser
Mad_Mike wrote:yes....

That feesh gots no spots.
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By Spicytuna
Wow a good old fashion Gill Raking VNTZ this ones in your neck of the woods, sorry man. :vomit

Mad_Mike wrote:yes....

MM. Posting our favorite flat for all to see? Come on, man! That aside, do you sell those glasses at the angler?

Sounds like Len has more than a bit of a Man Crush


Joe Chadwick

he was born 27 years ago

his mom was a hard partier

Joe was the product of a one night stand

his mom did lots of drugs and drank hard

Joe has never met his dad.

He was passed around from relative to the next until he was 11 years old.

I met Joe at the dam in Gays Mills when he was 11.

His mom got married and he moved in to a real family unit at 12 years old in Richland Center

He was a skinny short kid that loved attention.

The first time I met him he was at the dam in Gays Mills fishing smallies.

I caught a nice one and he helped me land it.

I was going to release it and he asked for it.

I gave it to him......he went to uncles and said he caught it.

I fished along side of him quite a few times through the years.

I had an influence on him.

His uncles and grandfather taught him the ways of the outdoors.

He went to school Police Science and graduated first in his class.

I gave him pointers on interviews and let him use my name as a reference.

Joe as an adult and 5'09 inches tall and 115 pounds.

He was ignored and not picked as a police officer because of his size.

He lost his focus and went to work at a couple cheese factories

He went down the wrong path a couple times...

He was sidetracked for almost 2 years.

He has regained his confidence and learned some serious life lessons.

He again is my "Best Friend" other than my wife.
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By Hogleg
Cheese factory for sure...
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By steelrain202
maybe if Len gave him some of his hot dog recipes the kid could bulk up
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By Ramcatt
that reads like Jerry Sandusky's journal
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By Walter
Wisconsin Gun Dogger wrote: He again is my "Best Friend" and also my wife.

Wisconsin Gun Dogger wrote:Image



Hah hah hah! I love the photo title... "proud daddy has his priorities out of whack". No shit! When a cuda lacerates me I like to just let the wound go unattended. They've such clean mouths, infection never seems an issue.
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