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By Lando
Ya, how was it? That looks so good, but a whole lot different from the last time I traveled that highway. I would love to go back but I am a bit leery. Does your mom ever get harassed?
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By Hogleg
We flew into the San Jose del Cabo airport and were picked up there and drove down to camp. That whole area feels really safe and there are a lot of tourists about reporting no issues with cartel violence. I'm guessing the majority of that shit is concentrated up near the border towns. They still have the heavily armed Federali checkpoints along the way on Hwy 1 but, according to my in-laws who make the drive down every year, they've improved their reputation and customer relations significantly over the years (read less intimidating and corrupt).

Thanks for the kind words guys, it was truly awesome.

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By Hogleg
jhnnythndr wrote:Yeah, whatever. I missed you too sweetie. fuck. Glad you had so much fun, while I've been sitting here worried sick. did you at least wipe yor feet off before you came tromping in here getting sand on the carpet?

I should've told you I was leavin' but was afraid you would stow-away in my suitcase and get me busted for smuggling thunder-fuck into the country and I didn't really like our chances of survival in a Mexican prison, pretty Gringo boys that we are and all.
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By Lurgee
Muy Excellente senor! I was looking to do something nice for the Mrs. along those lines earlier this week but airfare from Denver to San Jose del Cabo is pretty much sucking right any insight on that? I'm gonna be up your way in a 2 weeks if you wanna fish.

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By Hogleg
Yeah, those airfares skyrocketed right after we purchased ours, no insight on that but can recommend some places to stay/fish/see. Shoot me a pm before you come up, I'd love to fish with you. The lid finally started coming off the river last week pretty good and I'm going to try and get out for a couple of hours today, it's supposed to get up to 38.
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By Lurgee

I will call you--coming up with some buddies from NYC who are flying in to ski for a couple days. There will be liver destroying activities going on.
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By Hogleg
The liver is evil, it must be punished...
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By Adams
Hogleg - looks like a helluva good time. I've been to the east cape twice now, and know exactly where you were. The background in that shot with the atv is what I used as a landmark when out in the kayak and panga. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
By get er done
dude awesome suckage at its finest.

hope my 41st is a mere glimpse of this...........................keep it up your living right
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