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By TX.
[report]I know this stuff usually goes out to dead guys, but then they can't enjoy it.
And then, what's the point?


You have touched us all with your works in pen and brush.
And for that, I know we are ALL grateful.
You give us perspective, in both mediums.
And I'd like to celebrate that by having us return to you photos that remind us of you, and your work.

I'll start w/ this one that, damn, after a year and a half of driving by it, I made a point of taking the camera today to snap it.

You're even famous in North Carolina:

[attachment=0]BW 001.jpg[/attachment]Throw them up boys...
BW 001.jpg
BW 001.jpg (269.86 KiB) Viewed 2085 times
I agree ginseng, he brings a sense of legitimacy to the rest of us degenerates. Also, he the closest thing we have to a celebrity that posts regularly, what a gracious man.
Yep, Bob is a good people. He's kept me motivated in my painting adventure with a few attaboys along the way. Gave me a great Christmas present last year too. :cool All around good egg.
Yep, that Bob is something else. Classy, talented and a hell of person. Gave me a killer deal on this framed print for our local TU banquet.


My buddy and I may as well have split the deck trying to win it, but my boss bought one card at the tail end of the raffle and won it. :smile

At least I can see it from my office...
up here is Virginia they even named a bridge after him..

not sure which came first Bob or the bridge...


The Bob White Covered Bridge, also known as the Lower Covered Bridge or Woolwine Covered Bridge, is a county owned wooden covered bridge that spans the Smith River in Patrick County, Virginia, United States. It is located on the old portion of Bob White Road (SR 869) off State Route 8 southeast of the community of Woolwine, about 13 miles (21 kilometers) north of Stuart. Coordinates are 36°46′44.82″N 80°14′51.26″W (36.779117, -80.247572).

Built in 1921, the 80-foot (24-meter) bridge is a Queen-post truss construction over two spans. Its WGCB number is 46-68-01. The Bob White Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 22, 1973. It is one of two historic covered bridges remaining in Patrick County, maintained by the Patrick County government.
RFA wrote:Here's to Bob White Bridge! :cool
Certainly hung like a Bob White...
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